What We Can Learn from 6 Amazing Ecommerce Website Designs

It’s not easy for anyone to spend their money online. Some ecommerce shops make it even harder for consumers to buy by using complex navigation or a long checkout process. The main reason why people love to shop online is for convenience. Don’t make it harder for online users to convert by providing time-consuming or unpleasant design elements in your ecommerce shop.


We’ll take a look at 6 award winning website designs for ecommerce stores that stand out for all the right reasons.




This ecommerce shop provides one of the best shopping cart displays we’ve seen online. The shopping cart is placed at the top left corner of the page. It allows the users to keep track of the items they are buying since it’s more natural for the eyes to move from the left to right when browsing web pages.





If your shop has a large inventory, you don’t have to create clutter and confusion on your product pages. Perhaps you need to borrow some ideas from Indigo on how to provide an easy to use navigation that improves UX. The shop even offers an extra discount to anyone who creates an account on the page.





What your ecommerce shop needs is an intimate atmosphere that customers feel they can connect with. This is what Moomin has managed to do so effortlessly on their website design. The shop doesn’t have many products so they make good use of breadcrumbs that show users where they are on the site. From the way, the prices are presented and stand out to the typography and consistent visual style, most of the elements on the Moomin website have been carefully thought through.





This ecommerce store offers a great user experience to customers who want to customize the product to suit their needs. Everything on the product image can be customized. You also have to go through some measurement data before checking out. If you want to start an ecommerce platform that offers users customized options, this is a site you can review for great ideas. Though the site is responsive, it may not provide some users with the best experience especially when the page has a lot of variations to choose from.





The online shop has a beautiful design with large and bold photographs taking charge of the entire screen. Motorola’s online store has a flat design. The site offers users an opportunity to customize their own look. The website buttons are large and clear. Navigation is made simple using a filter/search menu.





Your ecommerce shop needs to take advantage of unique transitions to keep users glued to the screen. In Orlando website, the images are designed to fade away when you click on a category and you can see new images and product details. This site doesn’t allow direct online purchases. You have to get in touch with them via email to purchase the goods. The navigation is also quite uncommon on ecommerce shops.


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