Twitter Launches New Look- Biggest Redesign in Years

Twitter has set itself apart as a platform used to keep people updated with what’s happening globally. Over the years, Twitter has undergone significant changes such as unique live video features that received mixed reactions from users. This time round, Twitter is announcing adjustments to its design especially for iOS, Android and TweetDeck users.

Why a redesign?

Twitter launched the redesign project in an effort to make the platform lighter, easy to use and faster. The changes that were featured in the Twitter app were received with mixed reactions, as with any redesign. It will take a while to get used to. The new redesign is expected to be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks.

Changes in Twitter for iOS

Twitter’s changes for iOS users appear to bring the iOS in line with Android. For a start, access to settings, profile and additional accounts is made easy for iOS users as it is for Android users. The main user interface now only has the primary functions. This helps to give the design a clean and minimalistic look. For iOS and Android users, the updates will be done live. This means that you can see replies, retweets and likes showing up without having to refresh the page.

Changes in typography

Ask any web designer in Miami and they’ll tell you how typography is a key element that contributes to the UI design. For both Android and iOS users, the Twitter app has a different typography. This has been done to enhance consistency and also make sure certain things like the headlines stand out. Accessibility options have also been vastly improved. The new redesign features an increased color contrast that makes certain elements of the page stand out.

Changes in navigation

iOS users will notice changes in navigation. Instead of 5 navigation tabs, there will be four: home, search, notifications and direct messages. There’s a new side navigation where you can access the rest of the items such as settings and other accounts on the right. This new navigation was already implemented on Android last year so now iOS users get to enjoy it too.

Links to articles or external websites

Previously, any links to articles or websites on Twitter iOS app opened in the app web viewer. This has been changed to make the links open in Safari’s viewer. This change has been done to simply improve user experience. By making the links open in Safari’s viewer, users can access accounts on websites that they have previously visited and signed up to. The Safari view also has the advantage of giving users the option to turn on private browsing feature.

There are other changes that have been made such as the reply icon which now appears as a speech bubble. This change was done to avoid the confusion of the curved arrow which some people assumed meant “go back” or “delete”. Profile photos will also be rounded instead of square. This change has been done to distinguish the profile pictures from the rest of the images within tweets. The reply, retweet and link counts will also be updated automatically in real-time so no need to refresh in order to get the exact count.

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