Questions To Ask Before Hiring An E-Commerce Company

When launching a business into Miami’s competitive online marketplace (or improving the online aspect of a business) you will want superior web development and e-commerce solutions. You will need a top-tier website for your e-commerce site in addition to an effective online marketing approach. In other words, you must carefully decide the ecommerce solution company that you want to collaborate with since this decision will greatly impact your long-term success.

Consider the following questions when seeking that ideal company for your online business.

How Does Your Portfolio Look?

Some pictures of website templates is simply not enough; a quality company will also offer you URLs for sites that they helped create. View the websites and inspect their quality-level. Do they load relatively quickly? Are they satisfying to navigate? Is the layout well-structured or does it look untidy? Is there a generic template being used repeatedly, or is there a variety of original designs? Does the company’s style feel compatible with your website and its goals? Also, don’t try to make this decision overly impersonal. Consider whether you are personally fond of the layouts and designs.

How Do You Measure Results?

An ideal company should have a positive effect on your market value. Figure out if they define success by reduced bounce rates, higher repeat traffic, conversions, etc. Look to see whether previous clients have published and/or confirmed these advertised results.

What Kinds of Technological Experience Do You Have?

It is crucial to know which modules and platforms the company uses to create their e-commerce sites. Make sure they’re proficient in a vast array of programming languages (e.g. Java, Python, PHP, etc.). What technical solution(s) will they endorse for your e-commerce needs? The right company will be candid about the benefits and detriments of their technology.

How Will You Update Me on Your Progress?

Communication is another key element. Besides offering regular updates, your chosen company should also be accessible, so they can reply to your various questions and comments. Learn their preferred modes of communication whether that be e-mail, Skype, phone, Google Talk, etc. Your questions should be answered posthaste instead of leaving you in a shroud of silence and frustration. The company representatives you converse with should be amiable and open.

Will You Optimize My Store for All Devices?

Support for mobile platforms and devices is absolutely mandatory for e-commerce ventures. To attract any and all consumers, your site cannot have any compatibility limitations with regard to phones, tablets, PCs, multimedia players, etc. Moreover, remember that most users prefer a certain browsing experience. A successful Miami e-commerce site will prioritize a user-friendly experience on all browser types.

What Marketing Solutions Will You Offer My Business?

Solid SEO strategies are an invaluable component in building a successful e-commerce site. A suitable company will provide a marketing strategy that adheres to your long-term and short-term business goals. Test the waters and ask what ideas the company has for promoting your internet store before committing to hiring them.

How Do You Price Your Services?

Has this e-commerce solution company given you a full understanding of what you are going to be paying for? While a few companies will offer packages of varying prices, other companies may charge by the hour. If the cost is time-dependent, you should be able to ask for an estimate of how many hours their service will incur and its subsequent cost. Obviously you shouldn’t base your decision exclusively on price, but you should also never sign a contract before having a good grasp of the company’s pricing structure.

Refer to these inquiries when corresponding with any e-commerce solution companies. Your ideal company will offer you satisfactory answers and help give you the edge in Miami’s online markets.

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