Identifying Design Trends You Must Know for 2016

Making your Miami based company’s website sharp and inviting is really quite simple and something that can help you work more effectively with your webmaster. All you have to do is take a look at the many different sites for web design awards and see exactly what award winning websites look like. From there, it is easy to apply what will work to your web design.

Awards are presented every year for a wide variety of categories by numerous award companies. There has even been a special category for websites added by advertising award promoters such as the Addy Awards and Clio Awards demonstrating the power of websites in today’s business toolbox.

Identifying the current trends in website design can be broken down into manageable pieces by examining entries in each of the categories which the experts feel are the most important individual features of any website.

– Design aesthetics

– Editorial

– Home/Welcome page layout

– Navigation and structure

– Use of photography, video, animation, etc.

– User interface and experience

– Visual design and function

Minimalism, or the idea that less is more, is popular because it has a strong visual appeal and focuses on ease of visitor use. The simplicity of this design is enhanced by the use of flat colors, clean and uncomplicated fonts and simple, three-dimensional graphics.

Videos are still popular but when they are embedded on the home-page, should not play automatically. Users prefer having the option to play the video and some absolutely reject the intrusion even if they would otherwise be highly interested in the site content.

Photos and other graphics are important for providing information to the visitor but the ante is up with the use of high quality, high resolution photos that are specific to your Miami company and not some stock image representing a general idea. The picture should tell a story – not just be added to make the site look pretty.

Scrolling is becoming the norm as opposed to having visitors opening new pages. This is important for visitor convenience but also dictates the use of photos and other graphics as headers or footers. If used as a screen background, the text should be clear on top with the picture enhancing, not detracting from, the site.

Ghost buttons that are either semi-transparent or that light up when the cursor lingers over them are found in many award winning websites.

It is easy to find what the latest web design trends are for Miami or anyplace else around the globe by simply going to the sites of the most prestigious website awards.

– Awwwards

– CSS Design Awards

– FWA (Favourite Website Award)

– Net Awards

– The Webby

– WebAwards

Narrow down your search to those companies that are similar to yours in terms of products or services offered as well as those that have similar demographics and target visitors. With a little creativity, you can adapt what you see to your Miami website needs and be on the cutting edge of providing the best user experience to your potential clients and customers.

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