How To Use Humor In Website Design

If a great user experience is what you’re after, consider incorporating humor in your website design. A good web designer should know how to incorporate humor while maintaining the brand identity and making it look effortless to the viewers.

Why Use Humor In Web Design?

Research shows that humorous stories get viral and are shared massively online. From photos to videos, products and everything in between, everyone loves to share humorous things. You don’t have to become a comedian to incorporate humor in your web design. You can simply add funny elements in the website design or use content to connect with users in a special way.

When used effectively, comedy could help your business to improve its look and feel while connecting with users. Humor can bring out a better user experience and give your brand the visibility it requires. In fact, websites that have properly used humor, whether in their content of in design elements, tend to make the brand more memorable. This is because you create a deep emotional connection with the user.

Types Of Humor To Include In Your Website

For you to use humor appropriately in your website design, you need to understand the different types of situations that they are best suited for.


You can think outside the box of ways to create a surprising situation that is funny and one that most of your users wouldn’t mind. Ensure that the surprise doesn’t compromise user experience. These types of humor are getting shared via social media the most.

Use comparisons

Comparing your product to a standard product and using this to come up with humorous content can be engaging and informative to users. For instance, you can compare the modern and cool features of Mac with the old and boring PCs and then add some humor in the content to make it catchy.


You can magnify something, such as an issue that your product or service intends to resolve, in order to make a point. Exaggeration statements, when used well can help to bring out the point home but make sure it doesn’t rub users the wrong way.


You can customize certain elements of your website design such as icons in order to incorporate humor. Doing this can help to simplify a complex concept. However, make sure you understand how your users interact with the content and their context before you bombard them with your idea of humor.

Know When To Use Humor

It is important to know where to use humor in a way that it actually helps to promote the relationship with users. For instance, you can use humor when the user has successfully sent an email or placed an order online. You may also incorporate humor when a user updates their online profile information. But make sure you use the humor wisely. For instance, don’t use humor, when someone has tried to make a purchase online but has insufficient funds, to remind them of their situation. Try not to go overboard and in the process drive you users away.

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