How Long Does It Take to Design and Build a Website?

Miami businesses will often pose general questions like, “how long does it take to create a website?” Unfortunately, you cannot give a specific answer to such a general question as all websites vary wildly in terms of needs and content. Even once a site is complete, it will need to be updated and maintained frequently. One could legitimately argue that a website is a constant work in progress that lacks any sense of finality.

Working from the ground up, a site will take at least four weeks before it is adequate enough to officially launch. Of course all websites are different, and the website’s size and the business’ needs could require the site to be under development for months.

Why Such a Long Process?

Creating an original website calls for an abundance of creativity. Simply brainstorming worthwhile concepts and ideas can take countless hours. One then needs to consider the lengthy process of implementing said ideas. Something as simple as a background color can demand a great amount of fine-tuning and polish. The site’s interface also needs to be built. Furthermore, hours upon hours of testing is mandatory if you want to ensure that your site has no compatibility issues with PCs and the ever-expanding catalogue of mobile devices.

Certain supplementary services, including SEO marketing and content creation, can further prolong a website’s development cycle.

How Can I Speed Up This Process?

Collaborating with an experienced company such as Nova Solutions would save you time on your Miami website. In this case, you would have several experts building your website concurrently. From marketing and SEO to content development and programming, a vast array of experts from all of necessary fields will be working in unison to more efficiently reach your goals.

Time can also be saved if you have independently prepared and planned content and ideas for your website. At the same time, your plans will need to be edited by SEO experts and copywriters before your site is ready to be officially launch. Also keep in mind that the building process can cease entirely if your new site lacks substantial content ideas for the site builders to work with.

Communication between the business and the web design company can also reduce your wait time. Make it clear to the programmers and developers from the outset what your goals and desires for the site are. Try to provide prompt responses whenever they send you questions; these responses will help them understand how you want the site to be built so that they can fully realize your goals.

Further Considerations

Building your site’s architecture will take a long time. This procedure can take approximately 40 hours and cannot be completed all at once. The site’s information must be properly organized and wireframes and the site map need to be built as well. For this process, the web design company needs to discern how to best organize your site’s content for optimal engagement.

Website size and complexity are also key factors in determining how long everything will take to build and design. If you need more pages, building the site will obviously take longer.

Updating and Maintaining

Even when your website is prepared to launch, the building process is not necessarily “finished”. The site requires steady updates to keep up with evolving technology. A template from eight years ago might not be compatible with many modern mobile devices without the proper updates. Even modern template designs will likely require updates to work correctly in another eight years. This is why collaborating with a dependable Miami web development company is your best choice for short-term and long-term efficiency and success.

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