Hiring a Web Design Company That Knows SEO

It’s not enough to just have a good looking website; you must have a good looking website that is designed with SEO in mind. Likewise, you can’t have a good SEO campaign without a nice website. The number of businesses in Miami is growing, so it’s important that you put an equal amount of focus on search engine optimization and web design. In order to stay one step ahead of your competitors, both of these are essential.

Unfortunately, some web designers are clueless when it comes to search engine optimization. And then there are companies that offer generic packages of design and SEO services both. The latter is just a waste of money if the services are generic. There should always be a custom plan for internet marketing and web development/design.

The Importance of Web Design in SEO

These days, optimizing a site for search engines isn’t just about throwing in a few keywords and trying to build a few links. The way the website works also plays a role in SEO. Search engine rankings are determined by hundreds of factors, and some of them are associated with the design of a website itself.

Google, Bing, and other search engines prefer sites with responsive designs. User experience should be as individualized as much as possible for each visitor. Not all web designers have the knowledge and skill it takes to pull this off. They put aesthetics before everything else, and that isn’t always the best idea. While appearance certainly is important – there must be a balance between the design and optimization.

Combining SEO and Web Design

A lot of consideration should be put into every single element on a page: trust signals, calls to action, billboards, images, special offers and discounts, etc. These features often contain some type of message that you would want search engines to crawl, yet at the same time, you will want them represented as images. A skilled designer will be able to create the elements so that they are fully crawlable, with the use of CSS, HTML, and web fonts.

The anatomy of a webpage is important for both search engine optimization and visual purposes. A lot of consideration needs to be placed on the structure of the page and the order in which the elements are shown. Page load time also matters in terms of design and how a page will rank in search results.

Choosing the Right Services

It’s best that you work with a web design company that has both experienced designers and SEO experts working on the same project. However, avoid companies that try to offer a one size fits all package. Just as every business in Miami is different, so too should the website for every company. The right company will consider your optimization and design needs before the project even begins.

Even if the designer doesn’t know a lot about search engine marketing, he or she should still respect that the site will eventually be optimized, and will work closely with the SEO experts for a better understanding of how the layout should be setup.

When hiring a web design firm in Miami, clear communication is essential between the designer, SEO team, and your company.

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