Custom vs. Ready-made Shopping Carts on Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce is a growing trend so to keep your Miami business competitive, you will probably want to have a shopping cart on your website for customer convenience. The question of whether to utilize a ready-to-use, pre-configured cart or to invest in a custom shopping cart deserves careful consideration.

Smaller companies or those whose e-commerce sales are not their primary focus generally do fine with a generic platform such as Volusion or Shopify. On the other hand, larger Miami companies with a greater dependence on generating sales from their websites tend to appreciate the greater flexibility that comes with customized platforms.

While generic shopping carts are less expensive and easier to set up and maintain than custom carts, this option may not be adequate for your particular needs. That means that trying to save some money now may cost you sales down the line.

There are a variety of benefits to choosing a custom shopping cart.

Unique Design

A custom design is obviously unique meaning that it is tailored to the exact requirements of your Miami enterprise. You have the opportunity to select the specific design and functional elements that will provide your customers with a pleasant, easy to use shopping experience. Unlike with the limitations of a generic cart, a custom cart offers more choices for showcasing your products or services and pricing them as needed.

Promotional Flexibility

While generic carts do allow for a certain degree of customization within four basic criteria, you might not be able to display as much information as you would like or account for different price ranges. With customized shopping carts, the flexibility to market a large number of SKUs, make frequent changes in the product display, run special promotions such as a quantity discount or add on remarketing or retargeting software provides many more options for your business needs.

Hands on Control

Data storage is a critical issue for security with any shopping cart application. With generic carts, the hosting company may provide only limited access to carts for making changes and modifications, limiting your flexibility of use. A custom shopping cart offers you, the website owner, full access to all of the data and tracking records for your site and provides you with greater control over the source code information and root database. A dedicated host also offers tighter security.


Growth is the goal of any business so the ability of a custom cart platform to expand as your business grows makes a lot of sense. Unlimited support that allows you to scale as much and as often as you need prevents slow-downs in customer service due to inadequate or over-used features.

Marketing Opportunities

Higher search engine rankings are key to the success of your e-commerce endeavors in Miami. With that goal in mind, it is important to know that special SEO tags for every product you offer and every page on your site allow custom carts to outperform generic carts in rankings.

Providing shopping carts on your website is a tremendous customer service. Make sure you carefully consider the options offered by generic and customized carts and do what’s best for your Miami company.

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