8 Ways Online Videos Can Improve Your Business

Video marketing offers countless advantages for a modern Miami business. About 10 to 15 years ago, the average small business could normally never afford to produce televised commercials of any sort. In the case that they could, getting a sizeable audience for the video content would introduce another set of irreconcilable financial implications. With the advent of the internet and websites like YouTube, a business’ financial limitations no longer matter as much. Even a smaller business can easily reach out to customers in Miami and the world as a whole.

Besides being affordable, video marketing also provides other advantages to your business:

– Though someone may desire information, they will rarely have the patience and/or time to read a website’s lengthy pages of text. Offering the alternative of a short video can be a more compelling mode of communication and it typically requires less effort for the user to digest. Furthermore, points that are difficult to make or explain with text can often be easier to relay through audio and visuals. A video can also convey a higher volume of information in less time than paragraphs of text, which can sometimes be tedious to read.

– You can give your company a more expressive personality through video marketing too. Even photographs, while useful, cannot depict personality on the same level as videos. Strip away that impersonal sense of anonymity and allow customers to see you and your business associates for what you truly are: real, substantial people.

– Videos also give you an opportunity to include a call to action. The end of a video can advise viewers to visit your site for more pertinent information, or you can ask them to contact you via phone or e-mail. Remember that video hosting sites such as YouTube have a description box so that you can provide further information below the video (i.e. a website link and some details about your business and its services).

– By using video marketing, you are backing your business with something more substantial than text and images. Any person can create a site and boast about their proficiency in a certain field, but how can anyone know if they’re being honest? Prove to customers that you are authentic and have confidence in your field by producing video demonstrations.

– Are you finding that your Miami site is experiencing a traffic slump? If you’re creative, you can reverse your fortunes by creating a video that is compelling enough to go viral. While your website might not make the first page of Google’s search results, your popular video could appear on the first page of YouTube’s search results. Remember to embed the video on a relevant page of your website and offer viewers an option to “Like” or “Share” the video through Facebook and other social media.

– Product videos allow for more exposition than text and pictures; with a video, you can more vividly show how the product looks, operates, and what uses it may have. It is now widely known that videos tend to increase consumer interest and confidence in a product. Over 50% of YouTube’s massive pool of viewers have seen a product video at one time or another.

– Videos will aid you in your SEO efforts since they can also appear in Google’s search results. A search engine will even acknowledge if a video is becoming more and more popular. Thus a well-made video will not only promote your brand, but it will also serve as a positive addition to your online marketing strategy as a whole.

When looking to promote your Miami-based business through videos, remember that creating unique and creative content is the key to attaining higher traffic and rankings!

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