7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Website Buttons

Your website button design can significantly impact conversion rates. Create attractive, user friendly and clear buttons on your web pages and you’ll enjoy high conversions. But designing website buttons is far from easy. It may look simple but it’s an art, and you’ll need the skill and experience to emerge successful.

There are basically two important elements of a button – the design and the copy. The copy refers to the text or call to action such as “sign up”, “get your free eBook” or “shop now”. The design element refers to how the button appears visually. Does it grab the attention of the user? If you play extra attention to your button design, you’ll sit back and watch your conversion rates improve. First, start with correcting any of the mistakes below that you could be making in your website design in Miami.

Your Buttons Are Dull And Boring

Big, bold and brighter buttons will always have more visual appeal to online users. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold color that hasn’t be used anywhere else on the page. Increase the saturation of the buttons to make them catch the attention of users.

Your Buttons Are Too Small

Bigger CTA buttons are more likely to grab the attention of users and increase conversion rates. When you incorporate large buttons on your website, people will notice them instantly and be enticed to take action. But don’t go overboard with an extremely large design that looks out of place.

Failing To Consider The Website Theme

It is important for your buttons to have a consistent design with the rest of your website. Choose buttons that complement the overall design well. Don’t go for a color that is completely out of track just to get the attention of users. Doing this will ruin the visual appeal of your website.

Ignoring The Finer Details

When designing your buttons don’t ignore the important details like the gradient, border and pattern that will transform the button once it is clicked. These aspects may seem small but they give the website a professional look and also help to make the buttons stand out more.

Failing To Use Adequate WhiteSpace

Making good use of whitespace when designing buttons is important because it helps to balance the visual weight with the rest of the page. Consider the size and typography as well to create contrast and emphasize on the significance of the button.

Not Thinking Outside The Box When Adding Text/Copy

You never have to use the usual text/copy that everyone else has on their website buttons such as “buy now” or “join”. Think of creative button copies that will entice the user to click. Perhaps pointing out a benefit of the product or service is one way to get more conversions.

Designing Graphical Buttons

Avoid graphical buttons since they take a longer time to load and may not be accessible to all users. The best buttons are made with HTML and CSS as opposed to image buttons. These buttons will appear anywhere making sure you get the most of conversions.

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