6 WooCommerce Plugins Your E-Commerce Shop Needs

WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform that runs on WordPress offering easy to use features and is very secure. If you haven’t set up your online store yet, choose to run it on WooCommerce. This platform is often used for Miami web design projects because it’s easy to set up and get started. But don’t just stop at that. You must take advantage of the powerful plugins available to encourage people to buy on your website. We’ll cover 6 plugins your WooCommerce shop needs.

Order Delivery Plugin

If you want to improve your checkout process, use this plugin. It simply allows customers to choose a date when they prefer the item to be delivered. You can control which dates to include or exclude in the calendar. This works really well if you offer products in varying delivery dates and if the delivery times are dependent on the amounts you have to deliver per day. This plugin will help you to manage your delivery dates better.

Product Enquiry Plugin

This plugin allows you to provide additional information such as user reviews, more photos and a question box, to drive customers to make the purchase. It’s a free plugin that you can use to give customers an opportunity to ask questions directly on a product. You can respond to it and clear any confusion related to your product. Use this to grab the attention of consumers and build trust.

Product FAQ Plugin

There are specific questions about your products that customers ask. How about having a list of questions and answers displayed in an FAQ section on each product page? Doing this will benefit all your customers. Furthermore, whenever a customer leaves a question, he/she will be notified via email when it is answered.

WPB Related Products Slider Plugin

When customers visit a product page, you don’t want them to leave immediately, whether or not they’ve made a purchase. The Related Products slider plugin (which is free) allows you to select similar products that a customer may be interested in, and keep the user on your site for longer and possibly increase their order size. The related products can be shown based on category, tags or keywords you choose when setting it up.

WooCommerce Image Zoom

Want to give customers a closer look at your product? Use the WooCommerce Image Zoom plugin. This plugin allows users to hover on the product and get a close-up shot. As soon as you install the plugin and active it, the zoom feature works. It’s a lightweight plugin that won’t bog down your website. There’s also a pro version that comes with features you can easily customize.

Product Slider Plugin

The way you showcase your products will really affect your conversions. To make your products more eye catchy, create a custom slideshow that shows all the products at once. This plugin comes with so many customizable settings so you can use different photo sizes and styles to showcase your products. The plugin is responsive and you can change the speed of rotation and total products displayed to give users the best experience on your Ecommerce shop.

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