4 Vibrant Colors That Can Transform Your Website Design

The colors you choose for your website can impact on user’s emotions, perceptions and even the actions they take on the web pages. Color is one of the key components of a professional website design that holds a lot of power. In 2017, vibrant colors have been used extensively by all kinds of websites. We love how they can be applied in different styles and still convey the right message to the users. We’ll cover some 4 color schemes that are currently trending and give you examples on how to make them work for your own UI design.

Overlaying Effects

Overlays are also quite commonly used in web design today. This design technique is fun to work with whether or not you are using a single color. Just make sure that, when using a single color on an overlay, the degree of saturation and color transparency is right.


Gradients have been used in web design for a very long time. What’s new in modern gradients is the use of multiple colors that radiate from the center or a corner and bring out a sleek look. Other than just using a bright color on your web pages, you can opt for a gradient to create a more modern look. Gradients are very effective if you want to use a bright color but improve visual communication. You can easily create some attractive visual effects even when using a single color. When you shift from light to dark, it allows the human eye to naturally scan the content from top to bottom or left to right on the page. Gradients don’t have to be used on backgrounds only, they can be used on smaller places on the page as well such as the navigation bar or specific types of content.

Monotone Palettes

If you haven’t heard of monotones before, they simply mean using a single color and mixing it with different shades and tints. The best thing about a monotone color scheme is that it’s quite easy to come up with. You just need to find a color that works for you and then look for different tones that you can mix to create an interesting effect. When used appropriately, monotones can contribute to making your content more readable.


How about creating an image with two different colors? This is what is commonly referred to as a duotone. You can either use two similar colors with different shades or two contrasting colors. This technique has grown in popularity online. You can use duotones to create a striking background for your website with bright and bold colors. The good thing with using bright colors is that it creates a happy and positive mood. Duotones also contribute to making the text readable. Since there are different color variations on the image, the text can be placed at any point of the image where it’s readable.

There are many other design techniques that allow you to use color effects to visually connect with your users. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when working with the above color palettes.

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