Top SEO Trends For 2016

SEO in 2015 was almost unrecognizable from that of the earlier years. Think about the ways websites used to build links and use underhand tactics. All that has quickly disappeared into oblivion.

Search engines continue to evolve and the changes in 2016 will have the focus shifting towards geographically optimized search and content for portable devices (mobile phones and tablets) among other things.

If you are an online business based in Miami or other areas, then it is crucial to align your digital marketing goals with these changes to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are the top SEO trends in 2016 to watch out for.

The Rise of Local SEO

Rather than competing against hundreds of business looking to target a national keyword phrase like ‘best web designers in USA’, if you are a web design company based in Miami, you are better off targeting local customers with a keyword phrase like ‘web design company in Miami’. Google has been incorporating geographical location into search algorithms for a while now and this is more relevant than ever in 2016. Almost every search that you make on Google, will show local businesses with their reviews now. If you are an online business, then you must seriously consider optimizing your website for local SEO.

The Internet For Portable Devices

It is estimated that the number of smartphone users in the US will rise to 207.2 million in 2016. Think about the global numbers and the number of searches originating each day from smartphone devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, watches and more. If your website is not designed to look and function correctly on portable devices, then this will affect rankings in 2016. Smart online companies are now creating custom SEO plans for mobile devices.

What’s The Answer?

While keyword phrases have continued to dominate search results and SEO strategy forever, there are signs that it may be replaced with ‘user intent’. The rise of Google Answers is a step towards this change. In just a couple of years, the number of direct answers provided by Google to search queries has increased from a meagre 4% to 20%. This number will rise further. So, if you are looking at optimizing your website for 2016, your focus should be to provide relevant information and valid answers for the questions that your customers are asking. For example, if you have a restaurant aggregator service in Miami, then post quality content for questions like, ‘Which restaurant serves the best Sushi in Miami’?. Back it up with reviews, information, images etc.


Last but not the least, social will continue to rise and play a key role in the scheme of things. You may soon start to see relevant tweets and Facebook shares in search results. That’s all the more reason for you to start thinking about implementing social media marketing strategies if you still haven’t done it.

These are just some of the SEO trends that you can expect in 2016.