Top Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Keyword Research

When it comes to search engine optimization and internet marketing, keywords are a vital ingredient to finding the success you desire for your Miami business. Coming up with high quality keywords may seem like a simple task, but to acquire that long sought after organic traffic and those respectable keyword rankings, you will need to put in significant amounts of effort. Occasionally you might pick ineffective keywords; this can be a result of them being far too common or general to truly optimize your site.

To get the most out of keywords, you must use research efficiently and skillfully to narrow down the best candidates. Avoid derailing your SEO endeavors, and watch out for these six mistakes.

1: Don’t Use Broad-Match in AdWords Tool

Try to prioritize exact matches over broad-matches when using your keyword tools. Broad-match searches will provide the often arbitrary search volume for “similar” keywords, and won’t provide the search volume for the “specific” keyword you are tracking. This makes broad-match searches inefficient and not all that helpful. Using them can actually be harmful since you could be wasting financial resources on superfluous keywords that won’t benefit your PPC Campaign.

2: Avoid Focusing on Competitor’s Keywords

Are you seeing a fellow Miami website getting #1 rankings with a certain keyword and are assuming you can do the same? You shouldn’t. Every business should aim for its own unique strategy. Feel free to refer to competitor’s keywords for useful ideas, but never get the false impression that one particular keyword will lead to success.

3: Avoid Simple Keywords with One or Two Words

On average, shorter keywords tend to be too generalized to be of value. Shorter keywords will only be more easily taken out of context. Strongly consider user intent to find the right strategy. Though longer keywords are less popular, they will allow you to reel in more promising users who will browse for longer and hopefully even convert. Attracting a few interested visitors is often better than having countless visitors who have little to no chance of converting.

4: Don’t Skimp on Local Keywords

When trying to promote your Miami business, you should try to use Miami-specific keywords. These keywords are vital, but many businesses somehow forget to include them. If your business operates in other locations as well, make a page for each specific area and be sure to include each location’s name in the respective keyword phrase.

5: Don’t Forget to Differentiate between Plural and Singular Forms of Search Terms

Although search engine bots or crawlers can easily distinguish the two word forms, variances in search results can still occur. To summarize, if you are using a term such as “Miami real estate agency,” you should use “Miami real estate agencies” as well.

6: Avoid Search Phrases that People Won’t Use

You may have grown accustomed to a certain vernacular of jargon in your industry, but this doesn’t mean consumers are following suit. When considering what a user will enter into the search bar, you must also think of what they are unlikely to enter; in other words, don’t use specialized terminology when deciding on keywords that need to cater to the consumer.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you can save time and money on your marketing strategy while boosting your rankings in Miami’s business sphere!