Top Digital Marketing Myths

With all the self-proclaimed SEO gurus and fly-by-night SEO companies out there, each trying to establish their theories as gospel, it is not surprising that a lot of information about SEO that you read or hear is junk.

Most online businesses looking for credible SEO information in Miami and in other parts of the world get their online marketing plans wrong due to the myths that are floated around by unscrupulous SEOs.

As a new business, it is better to have no information at all than being misinformed. Here’s a list of the top myths about Digital Marketing that you may encounter online.

#Myth 1 – SEO is about tactics. Not Strategy.

Fact: You read somewhere that blogs can be a good source of quality traffic and you start blogging incessantly for a couple of days. Then you read about tweets. You start tweeting at the drop of a hat. That doesn’t work. For your SEO plans to work, you need to have a solid strategy with the right tactics being deployed at the right time. Do your research and build a strong plan that helps you establish your website as an authority. Spamming everywhere will only get your website flagged.

#Myth 2 – Tweeting works irrespective of the content

Fact: Your customers do not want to know what you ate for lunch. So tweeting about that won’t help your business goals. Your tweets have to be informative and provide value to your followers unless you are a celebrity.

#Myth 3 – You have to rank for the top keywords

Fact: If you are in the website design business in Miami, then you do not need to rank on Page 1 of Google for ‘Web Design USA’. That is one of the most competitive keyword phrases to rank for. Why not rank for ‘Best Website Design Company in Miami’ instead and get targeted local traffic? There are many such longtail keywords which are not as competitive as generic keywords are. But they are a goldmine for quality traffic. Create an SEO strategy around such keyword phrases. Less competition, more leads!

#Myth 4 – It is impossible to be found on Google

Fact: Of all the possible myths that you may hear, this one takes the cake. Google can never be saturated. If you create a high quality website that doesn’t rely on shady SEO tactics, then you will always have a chance to be found on Google. Having said that, there’s a thin line between legitimate and underhand tactics. This is the reason why thousands of websites are penalized each day. But if you focus on quality SEO, then you can rank for even the most competitive keyword phrases.

#Myth 5 – More content means better rankings

Nothing can be more absurd than believing that more content can get you better rankings. Google has always focused on quality over quantity. So even if you have a thousand articles on similar topics, it’s not going to affect your ranking on Google. For example, if you offer window cleaning services in Miami and cater to all the neighborhoods, then you do not need individual articles for each neighborhood. It increases the risk of being flagged for duplicate content. You need to focus on original and informative content instead.