SEO Techniques To Beat The Competitors

Enter the world of online marketing and you’d immediately be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of competition. Irrespective of your business vertical, there will be hundreds of other companies vying for the top spot on search engine result pages.

For example, search for ‘Dental practice in Miami’ throws up roughly ‘1,670,000’ search results. Of these, the best will be competing to be on the first page.

A lot of this competition will also be waging wars with each other. Using negative tactics, reverse engineering the tactics used by a competitor and even resorting to spam, if need be.

In such a competitive market, what does it take to stay ahead?

Understanding Your Competition

Everybody wants to be on Page 1 of Google. But obviously, there is limited room at the top. And if you wish to secure your place, you have to ensure that you are immaculate with your strategy and your tactics.

A lot of people, when they are new to SEO, tend to focus too much on what their competition is doing. It is normal to be inquisitive of what your competitor is doing right. But it will only slow you down if you are focused on imitating them rather than focusing on your own strengths. For example, if you are in the landscaping business in Miami and your competitor caters to all the neighborhoods, whereas you cater exclusively to the Coconut Grove and Coral Gables area, then you can use that as a USP and target customers in those areas.

Your onus should be to focus on your strengths and capitalize on it rather than trying to ape a competitor and wage a battle that you have little chance of winning.

Hedge Your Strategy

Hedge management is a popular term in the world of financial planning. In simple terms, it means spreading out your investments to offset the risk of loss.

Similarly, you need a diverse SEO strategy that will protect you against the volatility of Google algorithms. Spread out your content in the form of videos, infographics, podcasts, buffer websites, web 2.0s, social signals and anything else that is relevant in the current timeframe.

If you do it correctly, very soon, you will have your competitors following you rather than the other way around. And it is always better to force your competition to make a move.

Stay Updated

SEO is a constantly evolving art and updates can happen in the blink of an eye. You have to stay current with the latest happenings in the world of search engines. What are the rising trends? What trends are no longer relevant? This will help you craft an ironclad and foolproof SEO strategy for your Miami business that will get results in the long run.

War is Best Avoided

If you focus on your strengths and build a strategy tailored around it, then you can easily avoid waging war with your competition. As in the offline world, wars are expensive and nobody gains anything productive out of it.