SEO Myths To Forget About In 2016

Many myths surround the concept of SEO and the constant changes instituted by the different platforms that provide services make it hard to keep up with the facts. For any Miami entrepreneur concerned about presenting a high quality website that brings customers to the business, it is important to separate the truth from the myths.

Myth 1 – SEO isn’t all that important

That is absolutely wrong! SEO is the key to keeping your website relevant and effective so ignoring the importance of optimization is the equivalent of flushing money down the drain. Search engines devote considerable time, effort and money into creating algorithms to track and rank websites. These algorithms are based on facts and mathematical formulas that point to the need for changes. If you are unaware of these changes and don’t adapt your website accordingly, your rankings will fall and there will be less visitors to your Miami site and then fewer sales.

Myth 2 – Just stuff keywords and add tags

This is only partially false. Keywords and tags are important but the idea of ‘stuffing’ is the bad part. It takes research and tracking to come up with the best keywords for drawing visitors to your site and fairly constant monitoring to ensure their continued effectiveness. Too many keywords may even trigger a flag for your site as spam so your website becomes virtually useless. It is also unpleasant for your visitors to have to wade through repetitive keywords so their click won’t turn into a conversion.

Similarly, the overuse of meta tags brought about intense scrutiny from the search engines so it is important to use only title tags and meta description tags that are focused and relevant and ignore the rest.

Myth 3 – SEO is simple and cheap

Just as with anything worth doing, SEO is only worth it when it is done right. And it is not as cheap and easy as some web design companies lead you to believe. For most Miami entrepreneurs who are more concerned about running their business than learning everything there is to know about SEO, it pays to hire a professional whose knowledge and experience will provide the type of site and results that you want. You get what you pay for so avoid the cheap deal just because it sounds good!

Myth 4 – Fill your site with links

Again, this is partially true but doing it the right way is the key to success. Search engines can detect shortcuts and that can only hurt your website. The links you provide need to be organic and provide information that is truly relevant to your visitors and can be trusted.

The most important link that you want on your website is to your company’s social media sites so that your followers and visitors can find both applications easily and be aware that they refer to the same company.

SEO is a critical element for the success of any website but even the best optimization can’t make up for inadequate content or unappealing pages. The foundation of any effective website is the use of original, unique content, relevant pictures and graphics, eye-catching text and easy navigation. Engage in optimization to make sure visitors are drawn to your content and are then willing to click through to connect with your Miami enterprise.