SEO for Bing in 2016

As a business person concerned with maximizing exposure while minimizing costs, it is understandable to question optimizing your website on search engines other than the front runner, Google. But for the best coverage in Miami, it pays to take advantage of Microsoft’s Bing that is powered by Yahoo! and here are three good reasons why.

#1  Bing continues to grow and accounts for over three and a half billion searches each month representing nearly 20% of all searches in the USA. That is a lot of contact with potential clients and customers so by avoiding Bing, you are essentially closing the door on new business. Another interesting way to look at optimization on Bing is that you are beating your competition to a substantial share of the market if you are represented there and they are not. Embrace the concept of ‘the more the merrier’ and reach a wider market.

#2  Another advantage to representation on Bing as well as Google is the chance that your rankings may slip if Google changes its algorithms. By having the additional strong presence, you won’t lose ground to the extent that may happen if Google is your only search engine. Embrace the wisdom of not holding all your eggs in one basket to compensate for the occasional slip.

#3  Take the names out of the equation when you think of SEO. It doesn’t matter to your Miami business if the search engine is Google, Bing or any of the many other possibilities because your optimization should be geared to the audience you are trying to reach. Your ultimate goal is to optimize your website and its content to provide the optimum convenience and relevant information that reaches your specific demographic and interest groups and provides an engaging and manageable search experience.

When you choose to include Bing as a search engine for your Miami business, it is important to realize that there are structural differences between Bing and Google. The basic work is done, though, and just requires a little tweaking. This means that you will have to look at different criteria that are used to determine ranking but the effort is worth the reward.

Some things to consider include:

– Page size

– Meta tags

– URL synchronization and indexing

Bing makes this easy and that is one of the reasons Bing is increasing its market share. As part of Microsoft, there are constant innovations from within a large corporation interested in maintaining, if not growing, its share of the internet market. Instead of automated responses to questions, Bing provides excellent support from real people if that’s what you need. The lower price of Bing as compared to Google also makes an important point for giving it a try. 

Maximizing your Miami company’s exposure through an effective internet presence is crucial for business success in today’s world. Taking advantage of the additional visitors that Bing can bring to your site makes sense and is well worth the little bit of effort it will take.