SEO & Web Design: Why They Should Be Done Together

Most online companies make the mistake of treating SEO and web design as two separate parts of their online marketing efforts. When this happens, you are left with a very good looking website that doesn’t rank well on search engines or with an ordinary looking website that ranks very well.

For example, if you are an interior designer based in Miami, you need to have a website that looks breathtakingly good but, also gets ranked against your competition.

Is there a way to club the two or is it a chicken and the egg scenario that goes on endlessly without reaching a logical outcome?

The Design Element

Every designer looks to create a visually appealing website that offers a good user experience. This is of paramount importance from a business perspective and so, the designer is not entirely wrong in choosing this.

However, there are many elements in web design that allow you to leverage the power of SEO without compromising on design.

Divs, meta tags and live text when clubbed with css, HTML5 and parallax can create amazing looking websites that offer search engines what they are looking for.

Neither aspect has to suffer because of the other.


If you are starting from scratch, it’s always easier to design with SEO in mind. But what if you are looking to redesign an existing website that is ranked already for multiple terms?

You have to be very careful while redesigning such a website because you do not want to lose on existing traffic due to 404 errors or duplicate content.

In such a scenario, the idea should be to understand the aspects of the existing design that works well and incorporate it into the new design to create an updated but more efficient website.

Seems difficult, but it’s actually pretty simple if you have your SEO and your designer working together.

What Search Engines Need

Google has constantly updated its search algorithms to filter out low quality websites that offer very little or no value to web users. Unlike 2010 or 2011, cookie cutter websites find it almost impossible to even get indexed in Google.

If it’s a website about ‘Landscaping services in Miami’, it has to contain relevant information about landscaping. Informative articles that get shared on social media are a big plus.

But this does not mean in any way that you have to compromise with design and stuff your site with text.

Every designer needs to understand what search engines are looking for and then implement the elements that best offers this without cutting back on the aesthetics.

In 2016, here are a few elements that every website design must include.

– Intuitive UI

Responsive Design

– Fast Loading time

– Original Quality Content

– The right on-site SEO elements

– Keyword use

– Sitemaps

– Meta Tags

These are not all the factors that matter. But it’s a start. SEO is a constantly evolving process and you may need to make frequent changes on your site depending on your visitor data and analysis.

So, irrespective of whether you are getting your site redesigned or getting a new website designed for your Miami business, look for a designer who understands how to include SEO parameters into the design.