Local SEO Strategy Tips

Google’s increasing focus towards individualizing search results has been evident in the past couple of years. The rise of Local SEO is one of the main outcomes of this change. Search for any service in any part of the world and you will be greeted with what experts have begun to call, ‘The 3-pack’ or ‘The local carousel’

For example, a search for ‘Chinese Restaurants in Miami’ shows the three top results as ‘New Canton’, ‘Pekin Chinese’ and ‘Yum Yum Chinese’ along with the customer reviews for these businesses.

The 3-pack is nothing but the top three local businesses that offer the service that you searched for.

But it’s not limited to Mom and Pop establishments anymore. It has extended to E-Commerce as well. If you are an online business, then you have to think seriously about Local SEO strategy to target customers near you.

And if you are unaware of Local SEO, then here’s our small guide explaining how it works.

Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO is a part of Google’s attempts towards offering people the easiest and fastest access to the service that they are looking for. For example, if you are based in Miami and you are looking for a pest control service, then Google geo locates your IP and assumes that showing the best pest control services in the Miami area makes better sense.

Most online businesses never considered Local SEO to be as important as it has turned out to be.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of doing Local SEO?

– More Leads: There’s tremendous potential in Local search which was largely untapped until Google decided to focus on them. If you target Local Search phrases, then you will get more leads which have a higher chance of converting into business.

– Better Rankings: If you get ranked for local search phrases, it puts you on page 1 for even competitive keyword phrases which would ordinarily take a lot of time to rank.

– Interaction: Customers are more aware than ever. If you are a local business, it helps customers interact with you on a personal level which once again, leads to better conversions.


Now that you know what the perks are, let’s see some of the local SEO tactics and strategies that you can use in your SEO plans for this year.

Reviews: You must request and encourage your customers to review your services on local review sites. Local reviews are a crucial part of your SEO positioning and you must have good reviews to get a ranking boost.

Directories: We are not talking about web directories. Local directories like Google My Business and Yahoo Small business can significantly improve your local presence in search result pages. Ensure that you enlist and fill out all the details. If you serve multiple cities, then fill separate pages for each city with optimized content.

Location: If you want search engines to know that you are offering a service in a particular city, then mention the city in the content, H1 tag, image ALT attributes and the title of the page. For example, if you offer a particular service/business in Miami, then ensure that you mention the city a few times in the content. Do not overdo it though.

Once you implement these tactics in your SEO plans, you should slowly start to see the effects and the results in Local SEO.