How To Optimize Web Pages For Multiple Keywords

When you hire an SEO company in USA, one of the first steps they will take to boost your website rankings is perform a keyword research. Keyword research is done to find out which terms and phrases your web pages should be optimized for in order for them to appear on relevant search queries and drive traffic that boosts conversion rates. For a long time, webmasters have been optimizing pages for only a single keyword. This strategy is not recommended for several reasons.

Why You Should Not Optimize For A Single Keyword

For a start, when you use only one keyword when writing content, you may not provide useful and detailed information. You may be forced to cover only a small area rather than the broader concept. This has a negative impact on your page authority.

Additionally, optimizing your web pages for only one keyword can result in content being spread across multiple pages which expands the site’s architecture. When search engines crawl your site, they may find duplicated information that doesn’t bring out a unique value to the reader. This then leads to lower rankings on SERPs.

Why Optimize Pages For Multiple Keywords?

Research has shown that a single web page can appear in different kinds of search queries. This especially happens if you have covered a topic in great lengths. Your page may be considered as a resource for any related topic. The idea is to use the right niche keywords and rank for multiple search queries.

How To Find The Right Niche Keywords

There are different approaches that you can use to find niche keywords and write broad content that ranks high on search engines. We’ll take a look at several ways below.

Use Google Search

When you type in a relevant question on the search engine, you are going to get a snippet title “people also ask”. This allows you to get some closely related topics for that search. You can look into the additional questions to see what kind of content can be featured in a single page and the keyword variations that you can use.

View Related Searches

Another way to get a list of niche keywords is to type something on the search engine and just below the page, check out the section “searches related to…”. You will find a list of phrases that are in line with what you have searched for. You can use this to narrow down your keyword list.

Use The Keyword Tool

You can use Moz Keyword Explorer or Google Keyword Planner in this section. With a list of keywords that you had generated earlier from search, use the keyword research tool to narrow down the best based on search volume and competitiveness.

How To Apply Your Niche Keywords

Once you’ve gotten a list of niche keywords to work with, you need to ensure you’ve targeted the right page and that there is relevant content written for each set of keywords. Make sure you place the keywords in the different heading tags within the content and also write a valuable description with those keywords in mind.