How To Combine SEO and Content Marketing

What experience has taught us in the past few years, is that SEO and content are hand in glove. To get good rankings, you need good content. Remember the clichéd ‘Content is King’ phrase?

It still holds true. Well, partly anyway.

But what type of content is king? Is content the king when used in quantity? How do you leverage the power of content to get better rankings?

Most online businesses in Miami today have this doubt.

Should I focus more on SEO or should I make content marketing my priority?

There is a way to mix both of them and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are six ways in which you can combine Content marketing and SEO to get on top of Google rankings.

Evergreen Content

We all know about the massive changes that have happened in the world of online business in the past decade. What has remained unchanged though, is the demand for evergreen content.

If you are still writing about obsolete business ideas that are no longer relevant in 2016, then you are certainly not helping your SEO goals. Think about what your business trends are in the current year and focus on future trends. The idea should be to create content that will be relevant in the years to come. If you have old content, update it to make it seem current.


Keyword search has evolved beyond the generic two word phrases. People are using more specific search phrases to find what they want on Google. For example, someone looking for pest control services in Miami a couple of years ago, would now narrow down the search further by using specific phrases like ‘Termite control in West Palm Beach’. Your content should be focused on such queries. At the same time, it is an extremely bad idea to have multiple pages of the same type of content. For example, ‘Termite Control in Dade-County, Coconut Grove etc’. Have one relevant page for termite control and focus your keywords for all Miami neighborhoods on it. Google is smart enough to figure out that you offer this service for all the areas and will get you listed.


It is extremely important to have attention grabbing short headlines that is relevant to the content you write. We are not talking about Click-baiting. The idea is to draw in the reader with the headline and give them the information that they are looking for.


Everything that you write or post may not get shared or liked. You will have to analyze and see what works. If it works, rinse and repeat. If it doesn’t, drop it and try the next topic.


One of the main reasons why most businesses fail at SEO and content marketing is because they give up too soon. It’s not a magic bullet that will skyrocket your rankings overnight. You will have to be persistent and keep writing relevant content and using SEO to bring visitors to that content.

If your online business in Miami is still using old school SEO techniques, then this is the right time to use content marketing to leverage the power of SEO. Nothing is more effective in the current day.