Five SEO Tips for Medical Practices

Statistics reveal that 77% of patients who reach a healthcare center or a medical practitioner, use search engines, possibly to conduct some research about that practice.

What this means, is that if you are a medical practitioner, you need to seriously think about having a notable online presence and if you already have a website, think about how your business looks on the web.

Is it easily findable? For example, if someone searches for Dentists in Miami and you own a dental practice in Miami, then you’d want that person to find your practice first. If your website turns up on page 5 of the search engine results page, you have virtually no chance of being found by potential patients.

Are there good reviews about your practice? Welcome to the internet generation where smartphones and computers precede good old word-of-mouth referrals. Bad reviews can be detrimental to your business. What if a competitor decides to bad-mouth your practice with fake reviews? How do you offset that damage?

The key word is ‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimization. If you believed that online marketing was for businesses only, think again.

With quality SEO, you can easily connect with your target audience and have more leads which have a higher chance of converting into loyal patients.

If you are new to SEO, then here are five SEO tips for medical practices which will help you get started:

1) The Website: First and foremost, if you still do not have a website for your medical practice, then the time is now. You can no longer rely on obsolete methods like the yellow pages to get business. A quality authoritative website will be vital towards your long term goals.

2) The Keywords: Quality keyword research is half the job done in SEO. How would you search on Google when looking for healthcare services similar to yours? The idea should be to find keywords which have a decent search volume each month with low competition. If you are new to SEO, it may be difficult to compete with existing businesses for generic keyword phrases like ‘Dental Practices in Miami’ because everyone is trying to get ranked for it. On the other hand, a long tail keyword phrase like ‘How to correct crooked teeth’ may be easier to rank for. Patients look for such information all the time and this can be targeted traffic for your business.

3) The Content: Medical practices must have a healthy mix of technical and complimentary information on their websites/blog. Technical articles must be comprehensive, detailed and include illustrations and other media where possible. Complimentary information on the other hand must be written with the patient in consideration. How to care for your teeth after an alignment surgery, Dos and don’ts. Articles that highlight your value and allow you to standout as an authority in your field of practice.

4) Videos: Your SEO efforts should focus on multiple verticals. Videos are an excellent way to drive targeted traffic. And you can easily convert an existing ‘self-help’ article into an informative video.

5) Social: Social Media is a crucial part of the digital marketing mix these days. And if you are serious about SEO for your medical practice in Miami or elsewhere, then you must incorporate social media into it. The most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.