7 Local SEO Tips for Better Local Search Results

When you search for a Miami business on Google or any search engine for that matter, you probably choose the first or second company that appears in the search results, right? Most customers do this and it is important that you make sure your business is popping up right away when a customer or prospect searches locally for you.

Tip 1: Make Sure Your Business is Listed – Properly

One of the biggest mistakes that small Miami businesses make is that they do not make sure their business is listed in directories or that the information listed is correct. Discrepancies or a lack of this information can cause confusion and will also keep you from ranking well on Google.

To fix the problem, search for your business on all of the directory sites you can think of including Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, Google+, and more. Update the information and make sure it is accurate.

Tip 2: Never Leave Your Customers Hanging

If a customer leaves a comment or a review on your website or any other site where your company’s information is present, always respond to them. In addition, you should encourage users to leave reviews for you and let them know where they can leave the reviews.

Although it may be tempting, never ever post a fake review or have fake reviews posted for you. This is a big red flag and can cause a lot of trouble on your end.

Tip 3: Hone in on Keywords

Keywords are an important part of the information on your Miami business website. If these keywords are not present, your website will not rank well. In fact, take some time to learn about the most commonly searched terms related to your business and then work these keywords into your content.

Tip 4: Links

Nothing is more beneficial for your website than the content you post on it and when you have content posted on your site, you should always link to authority sites. What this means is that you should provide a link to another site such as a government site, education site, or another credible site that backs up what you say or provides more information about something you said.

Tip 5: Press Releases, Media Coverage, News Announcements

Local media and news coverage of your business will help you rank well on Google and other search engines. In addition, people will trust you more knowing that you were featured on the news.

Tip 6: Be Active on Social Media

Social media is where it is at, baby! If you are not on social media, it is time to get with the times and create a page for your company. Develop a strong presence on the most popular sites including Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. An active social media page will help your company rank well on Google.

Tip 7: Blogging

Blog, blog, and blog some more. You can gain exposure in local search results by blogging about your company. For example, if someone types in your company name or your company industry and then the local surrounding city, you will pop right up. But, for this to happen, you need to make your presence known. Always post relevant, unique, and helpful content.

The above seven tips can help you improve your local Miami SEO rankings and each tip is not hard to implement into your marketing routine.