6 SEO Truths You Need to Know

When it comes to SEO, it is growing increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. The myths from the truth!

There’s an abundance of information floating out there, most of it by self-proclaimed gurus, the credibility of which is doubtful, at best.

In such a scenario, if you are an online business thinking about doing SEO, then it is extremely easy to be misled into hiring a dubious company or believing in information that’d do you more harm than good.

Here are a few SEO truths that every online business should be aware of in 2016.

Links should be earned not built

Matt Cutts from Google has made it as clear as he probably can on numerous occasions in Podcasts and interviews that links are meant to be earned rather than built. Google looks upon link building as an underhand tactic meant to inflate rankings. So, even if you may earn rankings, it may be short lived. And very soon, you may receive a polite notification that your website has been penalized. Good luck trying to recover the lost rankings then.

Think User

It’s all about users now. User experience, providing value, intuitive interface, easy-to-navigate, think about all this when you design your site. If your website is designed for search engines, then it reduces your chances of getting ranked.

Social Signals

Social signals which mention your brand or your product on social media and Brand mentions on top quality publications helps improve the credibility of your site. Apart from establishing your site as legitimate, it also helps you show yourself as an authority in your field of business.


It is estimated that the number of smartphone users in the United States will touch 207 million in 2016. Most of these people will use their smartphones to access the internet. So, you need to have a website with a responsive design. In other words, the website must realign itself according to the device which is used to access it. Responsiveness is one of the most important factors for better SEO rankings in the current time.

Content is King

How many times have you heard this in the past few years? It’s not a cliché yet though. Content still remains the most important aspect of your website. If you do not have quality content, your chances of ranking on search engines are almost nil. Think outside the box. What can you offer your reader that your competitor doesn’t? Do not merely think about filling the website with a hundred pages. Write ten or twenty articles that offers more value.

Do not overdo things

A problem with old-school SEO is that people tend to overdo things which are good for rankings. For example, there was a time when directory submissions resulted in better rankings. Soon, you had people submitting websites to directories by the thousands per day. Eventually, Google started to penalize sites that were using this technique. Guest posting is at a similar stage today. Do it correctly, post on quality news publications, be it local publications in Miami or national ones and your website will get the boost it deserves. Do mass guest posting and your site will end up being penalized. So tread carefully. Quality over quantity.