6 Best Practices for Modern SEO

In today’s day and age, it is important for any Miami business to have a strong online presence. In fact, if your business cannot be located online, you will quickly find that your prospects and customers are venturing to your competition’s website instead. With the convenience of the Internet, no one wants to spend time calling or driving to a company when they can click a couple of buttons and have the information at their fingertips.

Below, we will go over six of the best practices for modern SEO that you need to start implementing now.

Best Practice 1: Think People

When it comes to writing content and optimizing your keywords, you may want to do what is best for the search engine, but you should avoid doing this. In fact, you need to write for people and not for the computer. This means you need to optimize your keywords correctly and write as if you are speaking to a friend or a customer. Answer questions that most people would ask and want to know about.

Best Practice 2: Know Your Stats

If you see that customers are arriving to your website, but you do not know how they are finding you, you are not doing yourself any good at all. You need to know the important analytics such as referral pages, the bounce rate on your landing pages, the conversion rate from your pay-per-click campaign, and others. These numbers are vitally important in helping you fine tune your SEO and making it even more effective.

Best Practice 3: Mobile-Friendly Everything

Most people use their phones to conduct searches and it can be extremely frustrating for your customers and prospects if your website is not mobile friendly. It is 2016 and time for you to create a website that is friendly for all mobile phones. This is the new era and if you want more sales and loyal customers – do it.

Best Practice 4: Fast Website

Who wants to sit at their computer and wait five minutes for your page to load, let alone five minutes each time they try to navigate to a new page? It is important that your website is fast and the load time is no more than a couple of seconds. Customers will not visit your site or remain on your site if they have to wait.

Best Practice 5: Content is Superior

Content is superior in the SEO world and if you do not have valid, unique, great content, your website and ranking will suffer. In addition to your content, you need to make sure that you have links that link back to authority sites. Google can easily spot whether or not your content or links are spam and your search engine ranking will suffer because of it.

Best Practice 6: Local Optimization Means Everything

With the use of mobile phones, comes locating businesses nearby and many users are looking for places near their location, so it is vital that you have a strong local presence in SEO for your Miami business. When a customer types in “restaurants 12345,” you want your business to come up as one of the top results, right? If so, focus on your local optimization.

Above are six modern practices for SEO and you should begin implementing them right away for your Miami business. These practices will not only improve your site, but also your ranking on Google and other search engines.