5 SEO Tips to Boost Page Speed

Did you know that a slow load time for your website will cause all of your Miami clients to head to your competitor’s site? It is true. No one wants to wait for a website or webpages to load. Not only is it frustrating, it wastes a lot of time, especially for those people who are constantly on the go and looking for a quick answer.

Below, we will go over five different SEO tips that will help boost your page speed. You can implement these tips right away and start seeing faster load times.

Tip 1: Keep Picture Files Small

If you have pictures all over your website and they are large in size, you will quickly find that they take too long to open, which means they do not open quickly at all for the customer. Not only does a large picture slow down your page load time, the picture may be too large and overwhelm the user on the other end.

Make sure that you spend some time adjusting the size of your picture files and only make the picture the size it really needs to be.

Tip 2: Avoid too Many Tracking Codes

If your website is already riddled with a bunch of different tracking codes, go back and re-evaluate which ones you need. If you have too many tracking codes, they will slow your page load time down and you will find that users are not remaining on your site.

While tracking codes are a useful tool, try to find one that includes all of the features you desire or choose the ones that you need the most. Also, place the codes at the bottom of the page to prevent a delay in page load time.

Tip 3: Limit the Number of Plugins You Use

The higher number of plugins you have, the slower your site will run. It is vital for you to keep plugin use to a bare minimum, if you can. Some plugins are okay, but you should test your website with and without the plugins to determine which ones are slowing your site down.

If you do happen to find a plugin that slows the site, but you need it, either get rid of a different one or find a new plugin that does not require a slow load time.

Tip 4: Consider a New Content Delivery Network

If you have customers located all around the world or within your region, you need to make sure that everyone can access your site with a fast page load time. A content delivery network allows you to have servers where you need them most. For example, if you have customers in Miami, then your central server may be in Miami, but those who live in Pensacola will have a slower load time and you may need to have a server there too.

Tip 5: Use Videos Sparingly

Videos can cause pages to take a long time to load, especially if they use a special video program or Java. It is not a bad idea to use videos, but limit their size and the number of videos you add to your site.

If you are looking to improve your Miami business’s website, consider implementing the tips above to help with your page load times.