10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing

When it comes down to SEO and web marketing in Miami and other areas, you will find that everything changes year after year and the only way to be prepared is to spend time learning about the upcoming changes and paying attention to predictions for the new year. Below, we will go over 10 predictions for 2016 in the web marketing and SEO world.

Prediction 1: Google Improves Instant Search Results

It is predicted that Google will improve the instant search results that appear when you start typing in the search bar. In fact, it is said that there may be some additional interactive features to come along with it.

Prediction 2: Reaching People Will Be Different

Previously, you could easily just post something on your social media page and be done with it, but the prediction for 2016 is that you will need to actually reach people. This means you need to post shareworthy content, so that others share the post and in return, you reach more people.

Prediction 3: Pinterest Will Be a Great Source

If you want more traffic to your Miami website, keep an eye on Pinterest. Their promoted pins program is expected to ramp up in 2016 and you may want to claim that top spot.

Prediction 4: New Social Content Sites

Social content and connecting with the world is not dead and will likely never be dead. For 2016, you can expect some new names to enter the playing field and these new companies will offer content sharing features, which make them great competition for existing social sites.

Prediction 5: Don’t Rely on a Contact Page

The prediction is in and it is that you need to rely on other forms of lead generation OTHER THAN your contact page. In fact, you need to try and capture leads from everywhere and do not rely alone on your contact page. Hey, some customers never even make it that far.

Prediction 6: Content Will Remain Superior

Good quality content is still not out of style and you should continue to produce quality articles and blogs for your Miami business. 2016 will continue to hold content high and you should provide relevant content at the right time.

Prediction 7: Lower Mobile Traffic

It is predicted that mobile traffic to websites will slow down this year in 2016. In fact, you can expect visitors to navigate to your website from the old, dusty desktop.

Prediction 8: Keep on Blogging

As we mentioned above, content is still superior and that means blogging is not obsolete. You should continue to blog throughout 2016 and make sure your posts are relevant and geared toward what people want to read.

Prediction 9: Content Marketing Software Will Hit the Market

Companies have been left to fend for themselves for the most part up until now. When it comes to content, new content marketing software will become a hot commodity in 2016. In fact, you can expect this software to offer suggestions, track analytics, and more.

Prediction 10: Paid Social Media Advertising Is Worth It

Paid social media advertising will be gaining a lot of traction in 2016. You can gain exposure for your company and target the right audience.

The above 10 predictions are good ones for the SEO and web marketing world. Take some time to explore these predictions and apply them to your Miami business.