Tracking Your Google AdWords Campaign Effectiveness

For Miami based entrepreneurs investing time and money in a pay per click (PPC) campaign, measuring the success of that investment is important. The availability of a variety of PPC tools makes that task relatively simple but it is helpful to know where to start since there are a number of different metrics to be considered.

Consider the following basics for a good analysis of your PPC campaign success.

Quality Score

This is a number that Google uses to measure the relevance of the keywords your use in relation to your ads. This score is determined through consideration of the quality of your landing page, your click-through rate and the relevance of the keyword to the search. Not only does this quality score play a determining factor in your ad’s search ranking, it also factors into the price you pay for each click on your ad.

Click Through Rate

Anyone involved in e-commerce is familiar with this term because it is one of the key elements monitored for determining the success of PPC advertising. The higher the click through rate, the more positive activity your Miami business is generating through its website. A low click through rate on the other hand indicates that your keywords are not as effective as they could be or your PPC ad needs improvement.

Conversion Rate

Unless you really aren’t concerned about sales, monitoring the conversion rate for actual sales is important. The goal of your website is to have people buy from you so a high click rate without corresponding conversions (sales) means that your ad is attracting interest but your landing page is not closing the deal.

Cost Per Conversion

This is the metric that tells you how effective your ad really is. As with any other type of advertising, it is important to know how much each sale actually costs you in terms of the advertising dollars it takes to get it. If you are spending more on advertising than you are making in actual sales, your internet ad campaign needs serious help or you should save that money and stick with some other form of advertising for your Miami market.

Wasted spend

Although this just seems to be the opposite of cost per conversion, determining the amount of money wasted by people not converting when they click on your site helps you decide how to proceed with your PPC campaign. One way to cut down on wasted spend is to create negative keywords which prevent your ad from being displayed if that irrelevant term is used in the search query.

Becoming familiar with the tools available to measure the success of your PPC campaign is the first step to effective analysis. Utilizing these tools consistently throughout an ad campaign helps you determine the overall value of your ad – the keywords and landing page – and allows you to make subtle changes to gauge the effects and make improvements. An effective PPC presence will be a valuable asset in ensuring the success of your Miami operation.

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