Tips For Running A Local PPC Miami Campaign

As a business operating in a city like Miami or any other specific region, in all probability your marketing campaign does not need to target anyone outside that particular geographical location.

That’s where PPC advertising is extremely effective as it can easily be targeted at potential customers geographically. Luckily there are other ways to ensure a locally aimed PPC campaign is a success. Let’s have a look at them in closer detail.

1. Focus locally

Although focusing on a broad geographic location will ensure many potential customers see your advert, this can still be too general and limit its effectiveness. If you have data from previous campaigns, use this to your advantage. Does a particular neighborhood buy more of a certain product than others? Keep targeting that product at them to ensure sales continue.

2. Focus on the news

By focusing on local news, you can adjust your campaigns accordingly. For a very simple example, a company might sell sunscreen. When a heat wave is due, they use this to their advantage in their PPC campaign to sell more units.

3. Geo-targeting

Using Google AdWords, try to familiarize yourself with the exact locations of the majority of customers. AdWords can also be used to find potential customers who clicked through to your landing page from your advert but then moved on without becoming a customer. When you run your next campaign, you can now focus on those locations that lead to conversion while skipping out on those that don’t. For example, you may find that neighborhoods further away from your location in Miami won’t travel to buy your product/service.

4. Location targeting

Location targeting uses data from Google AdWords to target a smaller area. For example, you may decide that you want a certain PPC advert to only target a small radius around your business.

5. Specific keywords based on location

Keywords based on location are critical when you know potential customers are basing their searches with a geographic location in mind. By adding these types of keywords, you also filter out a large amount of the audience who won’t make use of your product or service. Yes, the size of the audience reached will be smaller, but they are more of the target market you are looking for and likely to become customers.

6. Using call extensions

Placing a call extension in your PPC advert means that potential customers are presented with a call button in your advert. This allows them to phone your business very easily, no need for dialing. Recent studies by Ipsos have shown that 42% of people using smartphones make use of this feature.

7. Using location extensions

Using location extensions can benefit your PPC campaign greatly. This includes a map in a potential customers search results which allows them to see the location of your business. Your advert also takes up a large space in the search engine results, making it stand out even more. This is a brilliant way to show any potential customers exactly where you are located in Miami.

Although other tips for local PPC marketing can be found, using the seven above are sure to get your local campaign on the right track.

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