Should You Use SEO or PPC Marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) versus PPC marketing. Which is better?

This question is asked many times by both start-ups and large companies around Miami. Ultimately, it all boils down to which form of marketing leads to a higher conversion rate, which in turn drives sales. Without sales, no company can survive.

The importance of Google

Both SEO and PPC marketing make use of Google.

SEO tries to get a business website as high as it can when ranked in either regular searches or even map searches. This is achieved through the use of keywords linked to the business. To do this, Google makes use of an algorithm to rank sites. Understanding how the algorithm works can lead to better results although Google often changes the process. Essentially this is free advertising, yet it is only really effective if the company details feature high up the search rankings.

As we know, PPC is using paid advertising on Google. These appeared above and down the right-hand side of regular search results.

PPC’s advantage

As explained, PPC already has an advantage over SEO as paid ads will appear in the first few results of a search as well as down the right hand side of the screen, outranking any SEO result. Through AdWords, PPC adverts offer a number of measurable parameters which help to tweak current campaigns, for example targeting specific locations in Miami.

So PPC wins, right?  Not so fast!

SEO’s advantage

Many people do pay attention to the PPC ads that appear above the regular Google results. You must remember, it’s easy to see it is a paid ad and some web users have trust issues when it comes to paid for advertising. They naturally migrate to the regular search results.

Getting a little confused?  Let’s clear everything up.

What should you use for online advertising?

As we have seen, both SEO and PPC have their pros and cons. Which should you use and when?

Well PPC advertising is ideal for a start-up company just setting out, helping to direct traffic towards a landing page. Of course, you need to know exactly what you are doing to make a PPC campaign run effectively so consider calling in some experts if you are unsure, otherwise you are wasting money. A successful campaign will also provide invaluable data about your customers which can be crucial in determining future ad campaigns and business strategies.

SEO advertising relies heavily on Google’s search algorithm which changes often. If you understand how it all works, SEO can be used effectively. If not, call in the experts to help.

In choosing the correct path for your business, it depends on a number of factors, the most important being what you hope to achieve through advertising as well as your budget. You may even consider using both forms of advertising to target different potential customers in Miami.

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