SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, or SMM: Which Services Sell Best

Digital marketing is no longer an extended arm of marketing. It has become an equally important aspect in the overall marketing strategy of the company. With most companies turning to digital marketing, it seems like the companies selling these services would be overloaded with work. Is that the case? Most digital marketers would beg to differ. You can offer an array of digital marketing services but should you? With so much to offer SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, or SMM it is difficult to determine which services sell best. At Nova Solutions Miami, we have decoded this puzzle.

Search queries are demand signals for digital marketers. The likelihood of a purchase depends on the search queries. Let us first discuss the old horses before we go to the new entrants.

SEO has been on the digital marketing scene for quite a few years. It still remains a service that is most likely purchased. It has a high number of searches and has the most number of commercial queries. But the problem here is most people try to deal with SEO themselves. There are hundreds of free software tools available that help you devise your SEO strategy. Your prospective clients are using this software to do SEO themselves.

Pay-per-click or cost-per-click marketing is no longer optional. With a number of searches on mobile surpassing on desktops, PPC has gained more relevance. The search queries do not indicate its importance. The numbers of searches are 10 times less as compared to SEO but the conversions rates are far better. People who search for PPC are more likely to purchase the services. The prime reason for doing so is that people don’t want to deal with it themselves and are happy to hire a company that offers advertising services.

Let us now talk about the new or rather late entrants.

Social media marketing (SMM) has its own set of benefits. A major benefit that the social media offers is targeted marketing. With all the user information available, lookalike audience marketing is possible with SMM. But, when it comes to making an actual purchase of the SMM marketing services the numbers of searches are less likely to convert to a purchase. People have started realizing that SMM requires an expert and a strategy, so the future is yours if you are selling SMM services.

Content marketing. All of us have heard “Content is King”, that may be true when it comes to searches and curiosity of content marketing, but when we consider actual purchases, only four percent of search queries are likely to get converted into a sale. The problem with selling content marketing services is that your prospective client wants content management software and not an agency.

Let us summarize what you should be selling. PPC and SEO continue to be high selling services for digital marketing agencies. SMM and content marketing are new to the party. The market for these services is still developing but the future seems quite bright.

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