PPC Marketing: 10 Killer Tips for Better ROI

Every investment is made with the intention of getting higher returns. With an increase in different forms of online marketing, the success of any campaign is measured with a return on your investment. If the ROI is less for any campaign it is terminated at the earliest. Getting a better ROI from your PPC marketing campaign is no rocket science and you to can achieve it by following these 10 killer tips for better ROI.

1. Improve Your Quality Score

Your quality score is extremely important because with a good quality score Google will offer your higher ad positioning and lower CPC. You can improve your quality score by targeting right keywords and by increasing your bid. Google makes more money if an ad click is converted to a customer, so it gives preference to ads with higher quality scores.

2. Use Keywords in Ad Copy

Your ad is shown because your customer searched for your keyword. By including the keywords in your ad copy, you increase the chances of getting clicked. It helps you catch viewers’ attention as they are scanning a particular keyword from all the search results.

3. Use Negative Keywords

No, you don’t need to use keywords describing your competitors in a bad light. Negative keywords are phrases or words for which your ads are not shown. Using negative keywords improves the quality of lead and increases your ROI substantially.

4. Mind Your Placement

This can only be done by trial and error but in the long run, it saves you a ton of money. You don’t want your ad to be displayed first always if you get similar results by a lower ranking of your ads. You pay less for a lower ranked ad and if the number of click do not differ substantially, you should definitely consider this option.

5. Mind Your Timing

No, I don’t mean try to beat Usain Bolt in his 100m timing. I mean determine the time of the day that yields better results for your campaign. Time target your PPC ads for the time that yields better conversion rates.

6. Geo-Targeted Pay-Per-Click Ads

Your ads should be location specific. It serves no purpose targeting someone whom you can’t convert to a paying customer. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Microsoft all offer geo-location features, that enable you to target customers specific to the location of your preference.

7. Devise Highly Targeted Campaigns

Running a single ad to target all the customers is not advisable. Rather you should make multiple ads and target a specific set of customers with those ads. Running multiple ads can improve your conversion rate and increase your return on investment.

8. Competitive Analysis

Keep a close watch on your competitors ranking and if they rank better than your ads, analyze their secret to improve the performance of your ads. Bid for the same keywords or use different keywords, in either case now you have an edge over your competitors.

9. Optimise for Mobile Searches

You can either run a new campaign or optimize your current campaign for mobile searches. The conversion with mobile ranking is better than desktop rankings. You can also add click to call feature to help your customer reach you quickly.

10. Remarketing

Showing your ads to customers who have either visited your website or initiated a purchase but later dropped out is remarketing. It is a no brainer that remarketing will have a better prospect of converting a click to paying customers.

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