Pay Per Click Trends in 2016 for Small Businesses

As PPC results make use of search engines, any updates or changes to them can affect PPC Marketing. In 2016, a number of changes are expected that will influence your PPC marketing campaigns.

It is imperative that as a Miami small business owner that you are aware of these changes and the impact that they may have on your campaigns, especially if you run them yourself. What exactly should you be on the lookout for in terms of trends and changes throughout the year?

1. Mobile is king!

The incredible growth of mobile will continue in the years to come. As more and more consumers buy smartphones, web browsing no longer needs them to be near a desktop computer. PPC campaigns must factor in mobile to ensure they remain effective. For this reason, any landing pages or websites should feature responsive designs and be mobile friendly otherwise you will lose potential customers.

2. The rise of video

With the rise of mobile and the lowering of data costs as well as public access wi-fi, video advertising is now a reality. This allows you to produce short videos to target potential customers and engage with them, and let’s be honest, video is far more fun than a regular online advert. Video advertising can impact rankings and are very effective way of advertising when used with social media.

3. Quality content remains important

Ensuring quality content will result in conversions for any PPC marketing campaign. Content should have the information a potential customer is looking for based on their requirements. Consumers frown upon content that blatantly looks like advertising.

4. Keywords importance diminishing

Although keywords remain important, this is decreasing with the advent of semantic searches. By no means cut out keywords completely, just refine towards your product or service as keyword stuffing is no longer effective. Having said that, when producing a PPC campaign for a specific geographic location in Miami, keywords remain very necessary.

5. Search engine persona targeting

Search engines are already using persona targeting. Now a small business can gain a far better understanding of consumers who have visited their online portal including their interaction levels as well as their personal preferences. This allows for a more specific way to target potential customers based on their interaction with the website and the content therein.

6. ID based targeting

Cookies are on the way out! Now small businesses can make use of ID based targeting. In this way, even if a customer switches devices, it is possible to keep track of them. This is especially true as people move from desktop to mobile or even to a tablet.

Staying on top of these critical developments is essential. Again, if you run your own successful PPC campaigns in Miami but are unsure of these changes, consider using professionals to help you understand them.

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