Pay Per Click Tips For Beginners

It seems that everyone in business has heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) but before you jump right into it for building visits to your Miami business’s website, you should take a little time to understand exactly what it can do for you.

Very simply, PPC is a service for which you will pay the search engine company a small fee for every click on your ad. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC marketing tool available but as a beginner, if you are planning on handling the account on your own, it is important to have a plan of action. You can then really kick start your Miami company by drawing in the right potential clients or customers.

– Learn the basics. With all the written guides and instructional videos on the internet, it is easy to find out what PPC is, how it works and how to maximize its use for your particular circumstances. Find out:

– How the bidding works

– How to select the best keywords

– How to choose the right tools

– How to do the testing

– Begin with a great landing page. Your landing page and any ads you create must clearly demonstrate to people how your product or service will benefit them. This gives people a reason to click on your ad – by doing so, they can solve a problem or find something they need – and that is the basis for every sale.

– Conduct keyword research. For this part of the job, you have to take yourself out of your business shoes and think like a consumer without technical knowledge or specialized vocabulary. Tools are available to help create lists of terms and long tail phrases that will best lead people to your site.

– Start small. When it comes to finding the right keywords, it pays to use only a few at a time to see which ones actually lead to conversions. If the keywords you have chosen are not leading to more click throughs, then you know you have to make some changes. This will save you time and money in the long run.

– Take your time. Work on accumulating data to decide what keywords to keep and which ones need to be removed. Think in terms of trends or seasonal appeal because what works at one point may not be as effective at another time. Consider pausing a keyword that has otherwise been profitable but has lost its effectiveness.

– Track what you test. When you make changes, you need to keep track of the rise or fall of visitors and conversions. Otherwise, you won’t know which variables are responsible and what needs to be changed. While this may sound complicated, there are tools such as AdWords, Google Analytics and Excel that help you keep track of your data.

– Keep at it. Sometimes people expect too much too soon and that is certainly true with any type of advertising campaign. It takes time to build trust with your targeted Miami consumers so there might not be a quick increase in conversions. By doing things the right way, you are getting their interest and the sales will follow.

Creating your own PPC campaign may take some effort but your Miami business will certainly grow as your website attracts more and more interested visitors.

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