Is It Worth Investing In Google Search Ads?

Business owners who choose to utilize Google AdWords will be happy to learn that customers who are ready to make a purchase tend to choose that feature instead of scrolling through for organic sites. As a matter of fact, the ratio is two to one in favor of AdWords so for most Miami businesses, a well-designed AdWords campaign seems to be money well spent.

The real benefit of AdWords is attracting the mobile device customer. The main reason for this is the fact that the smaller size of the device limits the amount of scrolling the visitor will do when a purchase is their main concern. For research, organic ads are still important but the ease and convenience of clicking on an ad, especially with the added feature of a call extension makes the AdWords investment a good deal.

Google has recently put a lot of effort into improving the look and ease of use of its AdWords application. Since they want to make more money, a better user experience helps their bottom line as well as yours. That leads to an issue many smaller Miami businesses have with AdWords, though, and that is the cost. There are several things you can do to take advantage of the AdWords phenomenon without putting a lot more funding into your advertising budget.

– Bid on different keywords that represent your company but which may not be the top choices for rankings. Even though you may not receive as many overall clicks, the cost per click will fit your budget and the exposure will still result in more traffic to your site.

– Although Google is the most popular search engine, it is not the only one available. Current growth on platforms like Bing and Facebook represent high quality at a fraction of the cost of Google and actually account for roughly 20% of all traffic. With fewer competitors for your Miami business using the site, your company may actually generate much more interest.

– The flexible PPC campaign options offered by most platforms gives you another way to keep your PPC budget in line by allowing you to limit the daily traffic to your site. This is particularly helpful as you start out with PPC advertising so that you can track clicks, conversions and the effectiveness of your campaign in relation to its cost.

– As Google and other platforms constantly monitor the use of ads on their sites, they make changes to improve customer interaction. This means that criteria may change so a critical element of any internet ad campaign is keeping up with the latest platform requirements.

– Limiting your PPC exposure to mobile devices until you determine how well it works promoting sales for your Miami firm is another way to cut expenses. As noted earlier, mobile users don’t take the time to scroll far but for laptop or desktop users that are doing more research looking at organic sites, your PPC ad may be a waste of money.

Any ad campaign is an expense that your Miami business needs to consider. With the tremendous growth in internet sales, it certainly pays to find out all you can about AdWords options and their effectiveness for promoting your product or service.

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