How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

A well run Google AdWords campaign not only gains customers, but it also increases profit. For most start-ups in Miami, running an effective Google AdWords campaign is the time consuming, especially those that are a one-person operation.

There are so many other things to think about, the last thing on one’s mind is an elaborate marketing campaign. If you manage to find the time however, setting one up is not too difficult, although you may consider hiring professionals if time constraints are too tight. However, let’s take a look at a few simple steps in creating a profitable Google AdWords setup.

1. Determine customer demand

Using the keyword suggestion tool provided by AdWords to find out which keyword phrases you are likely to use and the demand for them. Ask yourself the following about each keyword phrase.

– Do people search for this keyword using Google?

– Does my product/service link to this keyword effectively?

– Will people then buy my product or service based on this keyword?

– If so, how expensive is the keyword to purchase and how does it fit into my budget?

2. Determine what makes your product/service unique

Find aspects of your product/service that single it out from your competitors. These unique aspects are the reason a potential customer is going to choose your product. If you are offering a service, what do you provide that is different from others? All of these things should form part of your PPC advertising to help move traffic to your landing page and push up conversion rates and therefore, raise sales.

3. Focus on the key components of your PPC advert

When starting out, make sure you have the following components in your PPC ad.

– A headline.

– Two separate descriptions.

– A link to the correct landing page depending on the advert. For instance, you may have different adverts for different branches in Miami. When targeting a specific geographical area, make sure the ad links up with the correct landing page.

4. Keep track of conversion rates

Keeping track of conversion rates is imperative. This is easily done by placing the conversion tracking code given to you by AdWords to your specific landing page for each advertisement.

5. Tweak AdWord settings

Remember to add negative keywords and ensure your landing page is optimized for mobile. If it isn’t mobile friendly, change the relevant setting in AdWords to ensure mobile users are not targeted. In future, ensure that your landing pages and website are mobile friendly.

6. Ad optimization

Once your ad is up and running, monitor it closely. Notice the amount of clicks it is generating, how many of them end up at your landing page and finally how many are converted into sales. Also, take note of each specific geographical region in Miami you may have targeted to see how they are performing. Depending on how your ads are doing, you may need to tweak keywords, geographical locations or other settings.

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