How PPC Can Increase the Value of Your E-commerce Site

Many businesses today understand the need for an e-commerce site, especially those offering a product or service that can be easily marketed on the web.

There are many options for business owners in Miami to raise the value of their e-commerce operations. These include the use of social media, SEO marketing, webinars and PPC campaigns. Of these however, PPC campaigns offer the best return on investment, especially for those companies just starting out.

But how exactly can you maximize a PPC campaign to help increase conversion rates and sales, which in turn will raise the value of your e-commerce operations? Well, take the following into consideration.

Income sources

Often when starting out, an e-commerce site will only have one form of revenue. This is usually the sale of a product or service on offer. As the business grows and diversifies, these incomes streams will expand and grow, making the business and the e-commerce site far more valuable, especially as you now have more to offer potential customers.

Conversion to sale stats

With PPC ads inbuilt tracking features, you have plenty of information at your fingertips. These not only allow you to see how successful each specific advert is but also allows for the calculation of conversion rates as well as cost-per-acquisition rates. Here you are aiming for a lower expense and a higher revenue.

Improved targeting

Once you have built up a customer database, Google AdWords can be used to help increase the value of your e-commerce site. Features such as loading in customer email lists allow you to target specific groups with your PPC advertising. AdWords can also analyse this data and target similar audiences that you have not yet reached. For instance, sales to 20 – 29 year olds in a certain area of Miami may have increased and now you create a PPC advert to target the same group in another geographical location. Also, consider dynamic search advertising. Instead of using chosen keywords, these show your adverts based on website content.


Integration with other platforms can increase the value of your e-commerce site. For example, as Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in terms of audience, integrating an e-commerce site with these to platforms can help it grow exponentially. Down the line, PPC campaigns will be fully customizable with various customer-relationship management tools. These will help when sending personalized sales and marketing messages to various potential and regular customers throughout the Miami region, helping to further grow your e-commerce website.

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