Google AdWords Callout Extensions: Why & How To Use Them

A tremendously important consideration for AdWords management is the use of call extensions to have direct contact with clients or customers for your Miami area service based business. This is especially true today when most phone contact is made with mobile phones where people can search the internet and reach out to you by simply clicking on a button on the same device.

The benefit of using AdWords callout extensions seems clear but here are a few more points to consider:

– Your ads can be set to appear at specific times such as during regular business hours.

– Data collection of phone impressions is simplified, especially when your phone number is displayed on devices that can’t make phone calls such as desktops, laptops and tablets.

– Other data such as the calls made to a forwarding number and the phone-through rate is available.

– The AdWords interface keeps track of completed calls to the free Google forwarding number and shows which ad(s) is responsible for the clicks and which keyword(s) is used.

Even though it sounds incredibly simple, and it really is, as with any aspect of web-based marketing, it only pays if you are using the medium effectively.

Follow these basic tips to make the most out of your ad campaign and receive more calls:

– Call out texts need to quickly and clearly address the need of the visitor. Short and to the point, Google suggests a limit of 15 characters per callout even though their actual maximum is 25 words. Proper sentence structure is a hook that most visitors respond to, more than seeing each word capitalized.

– Tracking is important for all aspects of your ad campaign so utilizing a call tracking service provider or a Google forwarding number can help show how many clicks and keywords convert to calls. With a high enough budget for your Miami service firm, you should really invest in a contract with a call tracking service provider for an immeasurable amount of data. For those with a lower operating budget, you can’t go wrong with Google forwarding number services.

– Enhanced call extensions provide the opportunity to target different types of devices – desktops, tablets or mobile devices – separately, in combinations or all together. Setup protocols are different for each type, however, so follow directions carefully.

– Having patience is critical before trying to optimize your ad. It is suggested that you wait until you have received 5,000 impressions before deciding on spending more money on ad development, keyword bidding, ad groups or any other changes.

– If your website is attached to a Miami area brick and mortar store, you may consider using a location extension so you can reach local customers as well as online visitors. Your AdWords account can be linked to your Google Places feature so that your star ratings and location extension may appear side by side in your ads.

Callout extensions are just another tool that, when used correctly in connection with the right ad marketing strategy, can help you manage your AdWords campaign and bring increased business to your Miami area company.

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