Avoid Overly Broad Searches with PPC Advertising

A pay-per-click campaign relies on several factors to make it succeed. One of the most important factors is selecting the right keywords. Thousands of articles have been written on how to select the right keywords, and avoid the pitfalls that plague every beginning PPC marketer. One of the pitfalls mentioned in almost all of these articles? Overly broad keyword searches.

An overly broad keyword search is exactly what it sounds like. Your choice of keywords is so general that a lot of people are going to search for it, regardless of whether they’re interested in your business or not. On the surface this sounds great. Who wouldn’t want their ads to appear in front of as many people as possible?

However, there are a lot of drawbacks. If your search is overly broad, your conversion rate will plummet, which leads to you losing money. Someone interested in “trailers” may be interested in the kind of trailer you tow behind your truck, or they might be interested in movie trailers. Even if they are interested in towing trailers, there’s no guarantee they’re not looking for the kind of trailer you’re offering.

An overly broad keyword search can also mean high competition. That means you’re bidding against several people to get your ads seen by the people searching for the keyword, which leads to a higher cost per click. This can lead to you hitting your maximum budget quickly. Combine that with a low conversion rate, and your online advertising campaign is in serious trouble.

This isn’t to say that broad searches don’t have their place. Sometimes putting out a broad search keyword can lead to increased traffic. However, this only applies to certain businesses and certain industries.

If your PPC campaign does have keywords that are too broadly searched, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to improve your campaign’s performance. First, specify your terms. In the previous example, for instance, you can use “horse trailers” as a keyword instead of “trailers.” If you want to get more specific you could use the keywords “aluminum horse trailers” or “bumper pull horse trailers.” By including these phrases you’re increasing the odds that someone will be interested in your offer.

You can also limit the geographical area of the keyword searches. If you’re a horse trailer dealer in Miami, Florida, you can limit your geographical search to the area around Miami. That will make sure that anyone who sees your ad will know they don’t have to travel far to reach you.

Finally, make sure to start with keyword exact matches first. You might be tempted to modify the search so your ad shows up with every possible iteration of your keyword, but that just increases the chance of your keyword showing up to someone who isn’t interested enough to convert. Keep the exact match of your keyword first. That way you can be sure your ad will be relevant to the searcher.

Nova Solutions Miami want all our ads to get in front of as many eyes as possible, so it’s understandable that many PPC marketers feel tempted to make keyword searches too broad. However, the best marketers know that it’s not about the quantity of people who see your ad, but the quality.

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