AdWords Remarketing Solutions: What Are My Options?

Remarketing is when a company can extend an offer to users that didn’t complete any calls to action when they browsed that company’s site. Are you noticing that most of your site’s visitors are not making purchases or joining your mailing list? Remarketing (or retargeting) could be the second wind your Miami business needs.

A staple of advertising platforms like Google AdWords, remarketing is a cookie-based technology that employs Javascript code to anonymously track your site’s users to view their searches and the types of sites they are browsing. To use this tool, you must put a tiny, imperceptible code or pixel (which won’t impact performance) on your website. Each user’s initial visit to the site will cause the code to place an anonymous cookie in this user’s browser.

Consider the following reasons for why you should try remarketing for your e-commerce site:

– It strengthens your pre-existing advertising since only users who know of your industry and/or brand will view your ads. When using a PPC approach, you should make sure that your advertising is positively affecting your conversion rate.

– It allows for more relevant advertising. For example, when a user visits a certain product’s page, a remarketing system will convey an advert to the person who has moved on from your site for that same product or perhaps even a similar product.

– A remarketing system can improve your conversion rate. This is because you can effectively consider why a user decided not to make a purchase and re-evaluate your marketing approach for the next time with higher quality advertising.

– Retargeting also grants you another opportunity to convince any consumers who you wouldn’t typically make any revenue from. Without a remarketing service, a customer that closes or leaves your site would be more apt to go on to spend their money at the competition’s website. With this tool, you get another chance to think of compelling ways to attract that user’s business.

– It also opens up the possibility to advertise your products or services in greater depth; you could include additional details or even deliver content that is optimized based on the other products they looked at. In the case that they leave, you might be able to reinvigorate their interest with an improved and more informative advertisement.

– This will enhance your brand’s popularity as well. Even with solid rankings and traffic, the majority of users may not know who you are and could be hesitant to purchase from a lesser known business. Utilizing retargeting could improve your direct traffic since previous visitors will end up viewing your brand in many ads until they clear out their cookies. These ads will spread brand awareness and could give your business a sense of authority in the user’s eyes.

By using the optimal remarketing services in conjunction with your Miami site, you can develop new marketing strategies; when you track different user types, such as those who almost made purchases or those who browsed the landing page and then left, you can discern new ways to appeal to these users. For example, you could implement a particular advert that caters to that user’s needs and desires. Keep in mind that the competition in Miami is already remarketing to attract users, so you should look into a similar strategy to reimburse yourself for the customers you may be losing as a result of others’ retargeting.

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