9 PPC Advertising Tactics To Try In 2016

PPC advertising is a time tested marketing campaign that can grow your business quickly and if done correctly can give you genuine leads. Internet advertising campaigns are either a huge success or fail badly There is no such thing as somewhat successful when it comes to online advertising. Hence, it is critical to devise a well-thought strategy for your marketing campaigns to outsmart your competitors. Our team of experts at Nova Solutions in Miami have 9 PPC advertising tactics to try that will put you on the path to success.



Remarketing is displaying your ads to customers who at some point of time have had interaction with your brand. They may have visited your site, saw your email & responded once, initiated a purchase, but for some reason they have not advanced further in your sales channel. By putting your ads in front of such customers you are increasing the chances of closing the sale. The return on investment for your remarketing ads are higher when compared to normal pay-per-click ads.


Ad Scheduling

Based on what your product or services are, at a certain time of day, you would see more clicks and higher conversion rates. You need to analyze your campaign and identify these time slots. By scheduling your ads at such times you increase your chances of conversion.


Multiple Ads

In addition to keywords, you can place your ads by topics. Try using different topics and placements. Although it sounds like a lot of work, trust me after you find the best combination, your return for your investment will go through the roof.


Focus on Mobile

With the increase in the number of mobile users in the past few years, it is next to impossible to ignore mobile as a medium of marketing. You can either run a separate mobile campaign or optimize your current campaign for mobiles. Mobile PPC ads are an inexpensive option when compared to desktop ads and the conversion rates are also higher. You should definitely invest in mobile PPC ads.


Bid on Your Competition

No, I don’t promote hostile takeovers. You can bid on your competitor’s keywords. By doing so you are able to put yourself in front of your competitor’s audience. You offer the same service, may be even better; there is no reason that you can’t convert these leads into becoming your paying customers.


Dump Non-Performing Keywords

One of the most critical mistakes that marketers make is not tracking the campaign at the keyword level. It is important to eliminate nonperforming keywords. Track your campaign and remove non-performing keywords. You can run a separate campaign for these keywords to track whether they can work on their own.


Target Users with Interest in Your Competition

Facebook ads offer you interest-based marketing. You can choose to show your ads to a niche audience with particular interests. Your interest is your competition. You can show your ads to consumers who have liked your competition’s page or follow them.


Gmail Ads

One more method on how to tap into your competition’s audience is with Gmail ads. You can use your competition’s name as your keywords, so every time their email or newsletter is sent your ads will show up as well. One important aspect is to use only your best performing ads. For your audience, this is a direct comparison and you don’t want to lose a customer to your competition just because your ad was not appealing.


Use Ad Extensions

You can use ad extensions to reveal something more about your brand. You can add your social media followers or user ratings to improve your credibility. You can generate sales by targeting impulse buyers.


Geo-Targeted Ads

Run multiple location-specific campaigns. Not all your customers can be targeted with the same ads. Based on demographics you should use multiple ad campaigns that target a specific set of customers. The CTR will increase by using this strategy.


It is important to analyze you PPC ad campaigns to find what works and what doesn’t work. At Nova Solutions Miami we have not only the experience, but the drive and dedication to all our clients and have demonstrated our knowledge in turning countless PPC ad campaigns into successful ones.

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