7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in PPC Marketing

PPC marketing, when done correctly, is an excellent way to ensure your company is getting the exposure you seek for products or services. It is an extremely cost-effective solution for startups or even established businesses to target potential customers in the Miami area.

Still need convincing? Let’s look at seven reasons why you should invest in PPC Marketing.

1. PPC marketing is affordable

If your company operates on a tight budget, PPC marketing is an inexpensive way of advertising. That said, it needs to be well planned, implemented and monitored correctly. In 2012, a study by Hubspot showed that a well-run PPC campaign is up to 61% more effective than other traditional methods.

2. Track results in real-time

Results from more traditional ways of advertising are only often available once a campaign is finished. With PPC marketing, results can be constantly monitored including ad clicks, conversion rates and other parameters.

3. PPC speaks for your company when you are not around

While larger companies employ a big staff contingent, most startups consist of the owner and possibly a few other people. A PPC campaign allows a small business owner to setup a strategy and then focus on other areas of their business in their day-to-day activities. Don’t forget, a PPC campaign does need to be monitored for the best results, but this need not be time-consuming.

4. PPC marketing is used by your competitors

No doubt some of your direct competitors in the Miami area use PPC marketing. Well, definitely the successful ones! Not only can a PPC campaign increase your loyal customer base, but it can also provide much-needed exposure for your company. This is especially important for startups.

5. PPC marketing allows the purchase of phrases to increase rankings

Keywords that are related to your business are the first to be used when helping to rank your site. These are often words that are specific to your line of work or service offered as well as other factors, such as your location. Unfortunately, these may not always rank your ad on the first page. To overcome this, use PPC marketing to find words that you would not normally use but that would provide higher rankings, thus increasing exposure.

6. Target keywords that will help you appear on the first results page

When it comes to online advertising, more results on a Google search generates more exposure for your business, more clicks and, therefore, a chance of customer conversion. This can be achieved by targeting the correct keywords.

7. Excellent resources available

Google in particular, has many effective resources to help you in setting up and maintaining a PPC marketing campaign. If you are new to the PPC game, you may need some help from a professional as many of these are fairly complicated. Google help includes keyword research, customer/industry research support, geotargeting, site exclusives and negative keywords to name a few.

A PPC marketing campaign, when run well, is the perfect way for a Miami start-up or even a well-established business to place their online advertising on the front foot, helping to turn clicks into conversions and thereby growing your customer base.

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