5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing

Many are now touting Google to be the modern equivalent of the Yellow Pages. For instance, if someone is looking for a particular business in Miami, that person types the kind of business that they’re seeking out into Google’s search box followed by the city’s name (i.e. Miami). This tendency grants local online marketing more significance than ever before.

In the case that you own an electrical company, your prospective customers are likely typing “electrician Miami” into Google’s search bar. What truly matters here is whether your website’s link appears in the top search results or a competitor’s link appears instead.

Fortunately, your local online popularity can be boosted using a variety of methods, enabling customers to more easily discover your business.


Implementing SEO in your site is absolutely vital for increasing your search rankings. Remember to optimize your site for your local area in addition to the conventional industry-specific keywords that you would normally use.


Using a pay per click (PPC) advertising approach can be very beneficial; this is especially true for any business that deals with high levels of competition. When using PPC, you are bidding on keywords or phrases that have relevance to your business. The most appealing aspect of PPC is that you will only pay for advertising if someone clicks an ad that leads to your site.

Google Places

When running a business in Miami, you want to ensure that said business has a Google Places listing posted. Google Places is not only free, but by incorporating your business into the service, you will be granted extra attention on Google whenever a potential customer types in your particular kind of business.

Social Media

Although social media may not be your most vital platform for attracting new customers, it can open up a gateway for communication between your business and its existing customers. Being prevalent on Facebook and Twitter, for example, is useful for conversing with customers and obtaining their invaluable feedback. As well, you could draw the attention of a loyal customer’s friends through their likes, shares, and comments. There’s nothing quite like free and socially-engaging advertising!

Customer Reviews

Did you know that more than 75% of consumers who research companies online base their decision on the customer reviews people post online? To track the sites that may contain reviews for your business type your industry followed by your area and then the word “reviews” into Google. There might be a review in a very general site like Yelp or in a more industry-specific website such as TripAdvisor. Look through a variety of sites to see if your company has been reviewed. If you cannot find your business at all, try to find out how to create a listing for it. If your company is lacking reviews altogether, consider building a foundation for your reputation by referring to a satisfied customer that could write you a review.

Improving your approach to local online marketing can make drastically enhance your business’ publicity in Miami. Always remember that potential customers could be looking for a business like yours at this very moment.

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