3 PPC Advertising Trends in 2016 for E-Commerce

Marketers have realized the importance of online advertising and it is evident from increased PPC costs. More and more companies have started using pay per click ads as a part of their marketing strategy. For E-commerce companies, paid search is an even more important form of marketing. After an ad is clicked, the numbers of steps left in a typical sales funnel are far less for E-commerce companies. This makes it extremely important for E-commerce companies to invest in paid search advertising campaigns. Pay- per- click advertising is dynamic and ever changing. Let us discuss 3 PPC advertising trends in 2016 for E-commerce that will help you improve you marketing campaign.

Shopping Campaigns

Studies in human psychology have proved that humans respond better to images than to text. Shopping campaigns enable you to use this fact in your marketing strategy allowing you to bid on product based searches instead of keywords. Shopping campaigns allows you to display a product image, price, and some additional information. The chances of conversions are better with shopping campaigns as your ads are displayed only when your product category is searched by a customer. The shopping campaign ads appear above the paid text ads and organic results. It is worth noting that shopping campaigns don’t promote your brand or company; it promotes a specific product. 2016 has seen an increase in shopping campaigns with big and small players having an equal interest. It is safe to conclude that the popularity of shopping campaigns will increase further in coming years.

Remarketing Ads

Last year saw an increase in remarketing ads and the trend has continued in 2016. Given the success of remarketing ads, it is baffling as to why markets didn’t think of it earlier. Remarketing ads allow you to follow your customer across the internet once they view a product on your site. It increases your product recall and helps you keep your product on top. Remarketing ads on social media enable you to help your customers further down the sales funnel.  Remarketing ads increase your ROI with fewer efforts and money.  It is a no brainer that remarketing ads have shown an upward trend in 2016 and with all probability will continue to do so.

Social commerce

A new trend that emerged in 2016 is social commerce. You can promote your brand with your social media pages, viral articles and get organic results. But with constantly changing algorithms of social media platforms it difficult if not impossible to maintain organic search rankings. Your only other option is to use PPC ads on social media to target your audience. Since all the social media users are logged-in you have access to demographics, interests, searches of the audience. These can be leveraged to generate a better conversion rate. Social commerce is no longer limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are platforms that offer group buying, peer recommendations, participatory commerce, and user-curated shopping. Each platform has a specific group of users and may be ideal for a few of your products or services. 2016 has seen marketers venture beyond known social media platforms to improve their ROI and conversion rates.

PPC advertising is an ever changing form of marketing. It is constantly evolving to improve the experience for both the marketers and the users. It is difficult for to predict the changes that may occur in distant future. If we go by these marketing trends of 2016, we can be certain the battle is about to get fiercer with the continuous shifting of the battleground.

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