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At this point, you may be wondering if PPC advertising is something that you might be able to do on your own. While it is possible, it’s not something that we would recommend for most businesses. The reason for this is that, like other aspects of internet marketing, PPC campaigns must be actively managed.

When you work with Nova Solutions to manage your PPC advertising campaigns, you can be confident that our experts are keeping an eye on your campaign to make sure that it performs at optimal levels.

Our team starts by identifying which keywords and phrases should be used. While you may already know many of the keywords and phrases being searched by your customers, using the most popular ones is not always the best strategy. Especially if you do business in a very competitive sector, the most popular keywords may be very expensive and may eat up your advertising budget too quickly to produce significant results.

A better strategy might be to go with less expensive keyword and phrases that will help you stretch your online marketing budget and allow your campaign to run for a longer period of time.

Once the keywords and phrases have been selected, the next step for our team will be to visit the major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and place bids on those words. When bidding, we will also set a budget limit to ensure that you do not end up with any larger than expected bills at the end of the campaign.

Analytics and Marketing

Getting your PPC campaign up and running is only the first step in the process. PPC services from Nova Solutions also include the very important element of campaign monitoring. Our digital marketing team carefully tracks your entire campaign from its inception right through until it ends.

We use various analytics tools to track important indicators such as click-throughs, bounce rates as well as conversions. If the data indicates that something in your campaign isn’t as effective as it should be, we’ll make adjustments in order to help you get the most return on your marketing dollar.

PPC Management Miami

Landing pages

Some companies make the mistake of investing in PPC advertising and then simply using their links to direct traffic to their home page. While it is possible to do this – and even get a few conversions out of it – it is not the best strategy when it comes to Pay-Per-Click. A much better strategy is to use landing pages.

When a user comes to your website via a PPC ad, they expect to be directed right to what they were searching for in the first place. For example, say your Miami business sells all types of women’s business clothing. If you’re working with the key phrase “business skirt suits”, you want to direct your visitor to a page exclusively about business skirt suits and not just to your home page where they might have to click on several other links before they find what they are looking for. Having well-designed landing pages that correspond to your PPC keywords can make the difference between getting mediocre results with your campaign and having great results.

As web page design specialist, Nova Solutions is ideally suited to create effective landing pages that get conversions for your business.

Does PPC really work?

PPC listings do not hide the fact that they are actually advertisements, so you may be wondering if they are really effective. If you look at the sheer volume of click-throughs made by internet users, you will discover that the majority are made on organic results. However, if you look at only those users who are ready to make a purchase and not simply kicking tires, then clicks on PPC ads outperform organic listings by 2-1.

For your PPC campaign to work at optimal levels, it is imperative that you first identify the best keywords and have a compelling landing page with a clear call to action.

Why Nova Solutions?

Pay per click advertising can be a great strategy to boost your business, but it takes a great deal of skill and planning to get the full benefit out of a campaign. At Nova Solutions, we are confident that we have the skill it takes – in fact, we are so confident, that we will guarantee at least a 20% improvement in conversions month to month. In fact, we consider that to be quite a modest promise since our actual results tend to fall in the 30-50% range.

If you think your business could use this kind of improvement, contact Nova Solutions today and ask us how we can help you with our PPC services.

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