WordPress Website Development: Things To Remember


Website Development


Coming up with a highly effective website design is no easy task. To simplify the process, you need to understand the essential elements that contribute to a functional web design. We’ll go over a few key areas that you need to give special importance to when creating a WordPress website.



Today, no one has the patience to wait for slow loading pages. Your website or blog needs to load within 3 seconds or less. Maintaining a fast site loading speed has been a challenge especially with the introduction of new features in website design in Chicago. However, you need to narrow down your website features to only those that are necessary and relevant to your brand. If you know certain features will interfere with the site load speed, it’s always best to get rid of them. There are other tricks such as compressing image and video files before uploading on your site so that they don’t bog down the website.



With the growing number of cybercrime cases today, consumers are very cautious when it comes to online transactions. If your website is not built in a secure platform, people will be afraid to interact with it. Ecommerce shops need to make use of reliable payment gateways. Online users need to know that their data is safe when they share it while shopping on your website. There are numerous ways that a website design company can build a secure platform. The easiest method if taking advantage of the numerous plugins and security layers offered in WordPress to enhance security.


Proper Backup

One simple mistake in your website or even an update can lead to significant loss of data. It is very important for you to back up your data as frequently as possible. Don’t rely on the back up provided by the web hosting company to secure your data in case of a loss. Sometimes their data may be deleted so you need to invest in proper back up features for your WordPress website. The good thing is that WordPress offers numerous plugins that can be used to properly backup your data. In case you end up losing data, it can be quickly restored using plugins such as Duplicator, BackUpWordPress and WP DB Backup.


URL Redirection

One major mistake that web masters make is having error pages that result after changing URLs and failing to direct users to the new URLs. Broken links prevent your visitors from accessing certain pages on your website or blog. It also has a negative impact on a site’s search rankings. If you fail to direct your customers to the new URLs, you will significantly hinder user experience.


Social Media Integration

With the growth of social media, you need to use different platforms to pull traffic and increase conversion rates. Make it easier for your site visitors to share your content on social media. Not only will it increase the number of leads you get but also result in better conversion rates. There are numerous WordPress social media plugins that you can use to allow web visitors to share content directly to their pages.