Welcoming Firefox Quantum: What To Expect And Why It’s A Big Deal


Firefox Quantum


For the last 13 years, Firefox hasn’t made an update as significant as it did recently- introducing Firefox 57 aka Quantum. In this update the search engine has rewritten 75% of its code. With 5 million lines of code rewritten by a team of 700 developers and volunteers, it’s safe to say this could be the update that will take Firefox to a whole new level. As a website design company, we are always keeping track of these changes to stay ahead of the game. Firefox has certainly remained one of the top browsers in use for many years. For those who are more inclined to Safari and Chrome, a switch to Firefox may be a great idea with the launch of Firefox Quantum.


Improved Render Speed

One of the things we are looking for in a browser is speed. Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as the previous version of Firefox. In fact, this browser is much faster than Chrome, which most people love due to its speed. Although some have performed a test to compare Quantum with Chrome and it’s said to be just as fast as the latter, we still insist that this new version of Firefox is substantially faster than most of these popular browsers. One fact remains that Firefox Quantum is much faster than the previous version and delivers a more enjoyable browsing experience to users.


It’s More Efficient

The other important aspect any browser can deliver is efficiency. Quantum has fulfilled this desire by changing the way the browser utilizes modern hardware. Quantum uses complex software to make use of multiple processor cores for single tasks. This helps to use hardware resources better instead of allocating different tasks into more cores. Quantum has been designed with a new CSS rendering engine known as Stylo. Stylo works to ensure the browser is more efficient and stable getting rid of issues that were common in the previous version which contributed to frequent crashing and slow speeds.

Mozilla announced that Quantum uses 30% less memory than Chrome on Windows. This has actually been tested by other parties and found to be accurate with Chrome recording 40% more RAM and three times more processes than Quantum. Probably the coolest thing about this latest version of Firefox is that it renders faster on machines that have more processor cores. Efficiency has been achieved by prioritizing tasks. For instance, the browser is now using less memory for multiple tabs than Chrome and the active tab is prioritized over the others. We can only expect Firefox to offer faster speeds in the future.


An Improved User Interface

Mozilla Photon has been used to improve the user interface and make Firefox Quantum more adaptable, faster and supportive. This is one aspect that can be incorporated in website design Chicago. This new update has been given attention to detail. You can tell that the design elements are carefully thought through. The browser uses design elements that combine to give users an enjoyable experience.

With the changes made on Mozilla’s latest browser, we can only expect Firefox to rise in global market share. Are you ready to make that switch back to Firefox?