Using Accelerated Mobile Pages In Website Design


Accelerated Mobile Pages


The technology used in smartphones continues to evolve every year. As it becomes easier for people to browse the web using their smartphones, webmasters are making changes to ensure mobile users have a great experience online. Therefore, mobile web development is an essential area for designers and front-end developers in a Chicago website design company. Designing accelerated mobile pages will help guarantee a seamless online experience for these users.


What Are Mobile Accelerated Pages?

Mobile accelerated pages are simply those that have been designed to enable seamless mobile compatibility. These pages not only have proper design elements but should also contain quality content, proper formatting and be well-optimized for search engines. As you browse the internet, you’ve probably come across mobile accelerated pages with the abbreviation AMP on SERPs.

One unique element of mobile accelerated pages is that they place special importance to the speed of each page on mobile devices. These pages were created to address issues that negatively impacted on user experience during website design Chicago. Common issues when browsing using a mobile device include slow load times and chunky user interfaces.


Tips To Optimize Your AMP Pages

– Use the AMP carousel to display multiple products or pieces of content horizontally and reduce the length of the page while keeping the content more organized. This carousel feature works really great for product pages or if you have multiple images that you would like to display on the page without taking up too much space. This is ideal for the homepage when you have other elements or CTAs that you’d like to use in order to grab the attention of your users.

– If you are selling products on your page, you can use AMP to show related products or posts. This is a nice way to keep visitors on your website for longer. They can get a glimpse of other posts or products on the page other than the one they’re presently viewing. Don’t allow users to leave the site quickly because the design doesn’t give adequate information to keep them hooked.

– Study your user patterns and behaviors using the AMP analytics feature. You can integrate this directly on the site or using a third-party tool like GA. Analytics can help you to know which pages are performing well, how much time users are spending on certain pages and the conversion rates. You’ll know which areas to improve on and work on improving user engagement and ultimately conversions.

– Use AMP ad component to implement ads on your website. This feature allows you to integrate different ad networks on your blog or site and get the most value. You can even add video ads using this feature on your AMP pages.

AMP not only gives you an opportunity to improve your website design but also increase search engine visibility for mobile users. With an AMP, you’re almost always assured of an instant speed and a clean page that allows mobile users to access whatever information they need fast and easily. Therefore, if you are looking to give your mobile users a faster and more organized browsing experience, consider implementing the AMP framework.