Tips To Create Effective Call To Action Buttons


Call To Action Buttons


CTAs have been used all over the Internet. You’ll come across them on landing pages, home pages, blogs and emails. A compelling call to action can significantly boost conversion rates and is a critical element in website design Chicago. These elements are designed to make people eager to act. The copy used, colors and other design elements have a huge impact on the click through rates you get from the call to actions on your web pages. If you make a small change to the size, shape or even the color of the call to action button, you may see a spike in conversions. We’ll share a few design tips to help any website design company or site owner to come up with better CTAs.


Create An Interesting Shape And Design

A CTA should look like something that can be clicked. It should appear like a button so that users know they are supposed to click on it. You can use 3D effects and gradients on the CTAs just make sure you don’t choose an awkward shape or design that confuses users.


Choose A Suitable Size

An effective CTA shouldn’t be lost within the content or among other elements on the page. It should stand out and remain more noticeable than other surrounding elements. Choose a size that is not too big to overwhelm the page but is small enough to be more noticeable compared to other elements on the page.


Color Is Key

CTAs should have a color that contrasts the background color of your web page. The color you choose for your CTAs should be able to capture the user’s attention at first glance. If possible, choose a color that hasn’t been used anywhere else on the page. This will make it stand out better than using colors that are already featured on the page.


Clear Copy/Text

The text on your CTAs should be clear and concise. It should tell users what happens when they click on the button. This is not the time to confuse users or have a misleading copy that tries to entice people to click on the button only to find what they didn’t expect. If you are working on your CTAs to generate more leads and conversions then make sure the information you give is accurate. Don’t use terms that are technical. Go with text that people can easily understand. Also avoid words such as “submit” and instead use direct words such as “send, post or subscribe”. Remember to boost the credibility of your offer by including the privacy policy where the user can see it.


Placement Is Important

Think of the places where you can place your CTAs to get the highest conversion rates. Most people assume that CTAs should be placed above the fold in order to be most effective. This doesn’t work in all cases. Sometimes CTAs that are below the fold work better because people have to read through the content, understand the offers and then take action. Always avoid putting your CTAs too far from the main text. When there’s too much whitespace surrounding the CTA, it may appear isolated and not connected to your content in any way.